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September 14, 2021   

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Below, we will review the most popular Head tennis racquets to help you decide which racquet is best for your skill level and playing style.

Head makes some of the highest quality tennis gear in the world, including racquets. They offer tennis racquets for beginners, juniors, and professional tennis players like Novak Djokovic.

Head makes several different models of tennis racquets. Within each model, there are different variations that differ in size, weight, string pattern, and other specifications. We will review each Head tennis racquet model and variation below.

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Head Makes 6 Different Models of Tennis Racquets

There are 6 Head tennis racquet models that you can choose from. Here is a list of the best Head racquets, how they will help your tennis game, the skill level each one is best for, as well as links to our full reviews of each racquet.


Head Extreme Tennis Racquet


Head Speed Tennis Racquet


Head Radical Tennis Racquet


Head Prestige Tennis Racquet


Head Gravity Tennis Racquet


Head Instinct Tennis Racquet
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Best For Skill Level Review
Head Extreme Best for Power & Spin All Skill Levels Head Extreme Review
Head Speed Most Balanced Tennis Racquet Intermediate to Advanced Head Speed Review
Head Radical Best for Comfort All Skill Levels Head Radical Review
Head Prestige Best for Feel & Control Advanced Players Only Head Prestige Review
Head Gravity Best for Control Intermediate to Advanced Head Gravity Review
Head Instinct Great for Power All Skill Levels Head Instinct Review

It’s important that you choose a tennis racquet that fits your skill level and playing style.

The best beginner tennis racquets have more power and are lighter for easier handling. While more advanced players can use a heavier racquet with less power and a smaller frame. Fortunately, Head makes a wide range of racquets for everyone.

Your athletic ability, physical strength, and size, as well as your dedication to improvement, should all be considered before purchasing a tennis racquet.

Head Extreme Review: A Powerful, Spin-Friendly Racquet

The Head Extreme tennis racquets are built for power and spin.

It has a stiff frame and open 16×19 string pattern which both help increase power. The frame is also relatively thick, adding good stability to the racquet. This will help on any shots that you hit slightly off-center.

Tennis players who like to control the point with power and spin from the baseline will like the Head Extreme tennis racquet.

Head Extreme MP tennis racquet on the court

This racquet performs best on serves and groundstrokes. You’ll find easy power and depth on your shots. The racquet is also easy to maneuver at the net for volleys and great for attacking weak second serves when returning.

The area this racquet is lacking is control and comfort. The stiff frame is not as comfortable as other racquets like the Head Gravity or Head Radical (below).

Pros and Cons of the Head Extreme

  • Excellent power
  • Very spin-friendly
  • Easy to swing
  • Great for depth on groundstrokes
  • Adds power to your serve
  • Versions for any skill level
  • Lacks control on some shots
  • Stiff frame (not arm-friendly)
Head Extreme Tour tennis racquet
Head Extreme Tennis Racquet

Different Models of the Head Extreme Tennis Racquet

Head makes several versions of the Extreme racquet:

  • Head Extreme MP – The original version with excellent power & spin. I recommend this for most intermediate to advanced players.
  • Head Extreme Tour – A more advanced version with a smaller (98 square inch) head size for more control.
  • Head Extreme S – Great for beginners or intermediate players, this version has a forgiving 105 square inch head size.
  • Head Extreme Lite – A lighter version of the S above, this racquet is great for beginners and juniors who need something that is easier to handle.
  • Head Extreme PWR – For beginners only, this racquet has a 115 square inch head size. I don’t recommend this racquet unless you plan to remain a beginner or struggle with hand-eye coordination.

Head Speed Review: A Perfectly Balanced Advanced Tennis Racquet

The Head Speed is rated as one of our best advanced tennis racquets. Used by Novak Djokovic, Coco Gauff, and other touring professionals, the Speed has a great blend of power, control, and feel.

This racquet has a 100 square inch frame and comes in versions with an 18×20 (Pro) and 16×19 (MP) string pattern. The Pro version is the racquet I currently use. The frame adds plenty of power and depth to groundstrokes, while the tight string pattern creates excellent feel and control on all shots.

The Head Speed is great for both singles and doubles players with an all-court game style. Intermediate and advanced players who want a well-balanced racquet will love the Speed.

Head Speed Pro tennis racquet on the court

The MP version will have more power and spin, but both racquets offer great stability and comfort. The Pro version has more feel and control for advanced players. I particularly like this racquet on groundstrokes and volleys. You’ll find a great combination of depth, control, spin, and feel.

This racquet isn’t weak in any areas, but it doesn’t excel anywhere either. The Head Extreme (above) offers more power and spin, while the Head Prestige (below) has more control and feel. This racquet is right in the middle.

Pros and Cons of the Head Speed

  • Very well-balanced racquet
  • Excellent blend of power & control
  • Great feel on volleys
  • Good topspin & slice
  • Versions for all skill levels
  • Doesn’t excel in any one area
Head Speed Pro Tennis Racquet
Head Speed Tennis Racquet

Different Models of the Head Speed Tennis Racquet

Here are the different models of the Head Speed:

  • Head Speed Pro – The original version for advanced players has a 18×20 string pattern for great control and feel. This is Novak Djokovic’s racquet.
  • Head Speed MP – With a 16×19 string pattern, this version will offer more power and spin. Great for intermediate or advanced players with a power baseline game-style.
  • Head Speed MP Lite – A slightly lighter version of the MP for easier handling, but less stability.
  • Head Speed S – This lightweight version is great for intermediate players who want an “easy-to-swing” racquet that offers even better power than the MP.
  • Head Speed Lite – This ultralight version is great for beginners or juniors who aren’t as physically strong or athletic.
  • Head Speed PWR – This version is for beginners only. It has a very forgiving 115 square inch head size and extra length.

Head Radical Review: A Comfortable Racquet For Everyone

The Head Radical series of tennis racquets has been popular for decades. Today, the Head Radical is used by everyone from pro tennis players to beginners.

Head Radical Pro tennis racquet on the court

The 2021 Head Radical has a good blend of control and power with an easy-to-swing frame. The 98 square inch head size makes it a more advanced racquet built for control. However, the 16×19 string pattern adds plenty of spin and power.

It has good stability, feel, and comfort due to Head’s Graphene 360+ technology. You will find a more comfortable feel than many modern racquets without sacrificing too much power.

I recommended the Head Radical for intermediate or advanced players who want a balanced racquet that is easy to swing and comfortable on the arm. Doubles and singles players who play competitively will like the blend of spin, power, and feel.

Head Radical Pro tennis racquet

The Head Radical is great for volleys and fast-paced groundstrokes because it is easy to handle. It won’t add much power to your serve, but you’ll find easy spin on kick and slice serves. This is a stable racquet for returning against powerful serves as well.

This racquet doesn’t have quite as much control as a racquet like the Head Prestige but will offer more spin and power.

Pros and Cons of the Head Radical

  • Versions for any skill level
  • Great comfort
  • Good blend of controlled power & spin
  • Stable when defending against pace
  • Well balanced racquet
  • Some versions lack power
Head Radical Tennis Racquet
Head Radical Tennis Racquet

Different Models of the Head Radical Tennis Racquet

Here are the different models of the Head Radical available:

  • Head Radical Pro – 98 square inch frame & 16×19 string pattern for a combo of controlled power & spin for advanced players.
  • Head Radical MP – A slightly lighter version, easier to swing for intermediate and advanced players. This will have less stability.
  • Head Radical S – A lighter version with a forgiving 102 square inch head size making it great for beginner and intermediate players.
  • Head MicroGel Radical Midplus – Our pick for the best beginner tennis racquet for control. This is a budget-friendly option.
  • Head MicroGel Radical Oversize – This oversized version of the MicroGel has a 107 square inch head. Good for beginners on a budget who need a larger frame.

Head Prestige Review: Pro Level Control & Feel

The Prestige family of Head tennis racquets are built for advanced players who want maximum control.

Head Prestige Pro tennis racquet on the tennis court

The Prestige comes in a variety of sizes from 93 to 99 square inches. These racquets have smaller frames and a narrower beam for a precise feel. They have a 16×19 string pattern which helps add some power and spin as well. These racquets are also heavier and very stable for the faster-paced game.

Singles and doubles players who play tennis competitively 3+ times per week and want a racquet to maximize control of the ball will love the Prestige.

Head Prestige Pro Tennis Racquet standing up on the tennis court

On groundstrokes, you will find it easy to hit the ball anywhere on the court with precision and spin. This racquet has excellent feel and touch on volleys with good stability for defending against big groundstrokes.

On serves, you’ll be missing some power but will find plenty of accuracy. When returning, you’ll find a precise, stable feel on contact.

This racquet’s lack of power means you may struggle to find depth on your shots. You also may not have the same pop on your serve that you get with other Head tennis racquets.

Pros and Cons of the Head Prestige

  • Excellent control for groundstrokes & volleys
  • Spin-friendly
  • Great feel & touch around the net
  • Good stability against power
  • Best for advanced players
  • Less power than other racquets
  • Not as easy to handle
  • For high-level intermediate to advanced players only
Head Prestige Pro Tennis Racquet
Head Prestige Tennis Racquet

Different Models of the Head Prestige Tennis Racquet

Here are the different versions of the Head Prestige:

  • Head Prestige Pro – A 95 square inch head size and 16×19 string pattern for a blend of precise control and spin with good stability.
  • Head Prestige Tour – A lighter version with a 99 square inch head size & 18×19 string pattern. This version is good for competitive intermediate to advanced players who want a more forgiving racquet that still offers great feel & control.
  • Head Prestige Mid – This version has a very small 93 square inch head size with a heavy frame for stability & power. This is for advanced players only.
  • Head Prestige Midplus – This version has a 98 square inch head size & 18×20 string pattern giving it excellent feel in a relatively forgiving frame.

Head Gravity Review: A More Flexible, Forgiving, Control-Oriented Racquet

The Head Gravity tennis racquet is also built for control but in a more forgiving and comfortable frame.

This racquet is used by Alexander Zverev and is known for its precise feel and flexible frame. It has a 100 square inch head size, but a thinner beam than most other Head tennis racquets. The 18×20 string pattern gives it added control and feel as well. The Gravity is also a very arm-friendly racquet.

Head Gravity Pro Tennis Racquet on the court

I recommend the Head Gravity for intermediate to advanced players who need a forgiving, comfortable frame, but still seek more control. If you have a faster swing, this racquet will help you control your power.

  • On volleys and groundstrokes, you will notice that the Gravity is very comfortable on contact. You’ll be able to feel the ball and redirect shots anywhere on the court.
  • On serves, you will lose some power but will feel in control of your placement.
  • This racquet is also very stable for returns.

The Gravity is not a very powerful racquet so you may find that you have to swing bigger to get depth and pace.

Pros and Cons of the Head Gravity

  • Excellent comfort & feel
  • Good control on volleys & groundstrokes
  • Very stable against power
  • Great for returning
  • Forgiving frame
  • Can help with tennis elbow pain
  • Less power than other racquets
  • Not easy to maneuver for lower level players
Head Gravity Pro Tennis Racquet
Head Gravity Tennis Racquet

Different Models of the Head Gravity Tennis Racquet

Here are the different models of the Head Gravity:

  • Head Gravity Pro 2021 – 100 square inch frame with an 18×20 string pattern for great control, comfort, & feel.
  • Head Gravity Tour – A slightly lighter version, easier to handle. This is our pick for the best intermediate tennis racquet for control.
  • Head Gravity MP – Another lightweight version, but with a 16×20 pattern. Great for players learning to control their shots with spin.
  • Head Gravity S – This version has a 104 square inch head size & 16×20 sting pattern. A great option for beginners or intermediate players.
  • Head Gravity Lite – A light version of the Gravity S. Great for beginners or juniors who need something easier to handle.

Head Instinct Review: An Easy-To-Swing Racquet That Maximizes Power & Spin

The Head Instinct tennis racquet is similar to the Extreme (above). It is engineered for a great blend of speed, power, and spin which is why we included it in our list of best tennis racquets for intermediate players.

Maria Sharapova used the Head Instinct, however, it’s actually a great racquet for lower skill levels as well. The 100 square inch head size and open 16×19 string pattern make it great for players who need help with power in a forgiving frame.

It isn’t a particularly heavy racquet at 11.2 ounces, so you can easily generate racquet head speed.

Beginners and intermediate players who are developing their skills will get a lot out of the Instinct as they transition their game to the next level. This racquet is easy to handle and will help you learn to control the ball with power and spin.

  • On groundstrokes, you’ll be able to generate easy power, depth, and spin.
  • The Instinct will help add pace to your serve. You can also learn to hit a kick or slice serve with more spin.
  • On volleys, this racquet is easy to handle, but not the most stable. Advanced players won’t have as much control defending against pace.
  • This racquet allows for big swings on returns so you can get the server on defense immediately.

Pros and Cons of the Head Instinct

  • Great power & spin
  • Good for beginners or intermediate players learning topspin
  • Can add MPH to your serve
  • Effortless depth on groundstrokes
  • Easy to swing
  • Less control than other racquets
  • Not as stable against pace
Head Instinct Tennis Racquet
Head Instinct Tennis Racquet

Different Models of the Head Instinct Tennis Racquet

Here are the different models of the Head Instinct:

  • Head Instinct MP – A stiffer 100 square inch frame with an 16×19 string pattern for maximum power and spin with a crisp feel.
  • Head Instinct Lite – A lightweight & more forgiving 107 square inch head size for beginners or lower level intermediate players.
  • Head Instinct PWR – A 115 square inch frame for beginners only.

Choosing the Best Head Tennis Racquet for You

To decide which tennis racquet is best for you, you’ll first need to know which area of your game you want to prioritize.

Beginners typically have slower swings and are still developing their skills, so they need a more forgiving, larger racquet with power. In this case, something like the Head Extreme or Instinct are great options.

Advanced players will usually want more control on their shots since they have no problem swinging fast to create power. Tennis racquets like the Radical and Prestige are built for this type of player.

However, most of the Head Tennis racquets that we reviewed above offer a version for each skill level.

For more information, read our buyer’s guides and picks for the best tennis racquets below.

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