The 11 Best Tennis Bags

In our complete guide of the best tennis racquet bags, we've reviewed the top 11 bags on the market for tennis players of all levels. We will show you the best bags for different skill levels and how to choose the perfect tennis bag for you.

Each bag on our list was analyzed and ranked based on several factors, including: Price, Size, Durability, Popularity, Design, Comfortability, and Functionality.

Our goal is to show you the best tennis bags for sale, and help you determine which one is a good fit for you.

Before reading the reviews, you can see our list of the top 11 tennis bags here.

Tennis bags typically come in one of the 3 different styles below. If you know what style of bag you want, here are our top picks for each.

Best Traditional Tennis Bag

Best Tennis Backpack

Best Tennis Duffle Bag

Babolat Pure Series 12 Pack Tennis Bag
Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack
Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel Bag

Best for:

  • Tournament & league players with 3+ racquets
  • People who want to keep shoes, ball, and clothes in their bag
  • Players who travel with all of their gear

Best for:

  • Recreational players with 1-2 racquets
  • People who want to something easy to carry
  • Players who play locally & do not travel

Best for:

  • Competitive players looking for an alternative to traditional bags
  • People who want an all-in-one tennis bag
  • Players who travel with all of their gear

Reviews of the 11 Best Tennis Bags

Below, we have reviewed the 11 of the top tennis bags from major brands and include specific features of each bag.

  • Racquet Capacity | How many racquets the bag can hold?
  • Price | Scale from 1-3 dollar signs.
  • Style | Traditional, Backpack, or Duffel Bag.

#1 - Babolat Pure Series 12 Pack

As the #1 bag on our list, the Babolat Pure Series 12 Pack is the most versatile and popular tennis bag among all levels of players.

The Pure Series has several attractive styles that accompany the most popular Babolat racquets, including the Pure Drive, Pure Strike, and Pure Aero. For tennis players of all calibers, this bag provides all of the ideal components, including fresh cosmetics, a racquet compartment with Isothermal protection, plenty of storage space, several accessory pockets, a well-designed and ventilated pocket for shoes, and a design that allows it to hang comfortably on your shoulders.

These aspects, along with its durability and popularity, make the Pure Series Bag well-worth its price and the top choice of our list.

Price | $$
Racquet Capacity | 12
Style | Traditional

  • Excellent ventilated pocket for shoes
  • Isothermal protection for string prevention
  • Customizable feature to create personal tag
  • Well-designed shoulder straps help the bag hang comfortably
  • The two main straps lack removable clips
  • Pure Strike version gets dirty when traveling

#2 - Wilson Federer DNA 12 Racquet Bag (White/Gold)

Designed to reflect the elegant style of Roger Federer, the Federer DNA 12 Pack Bag is one of the most stylish and sleek tennis bags.

The limited edition colors, white and gold, were featured by Roger at Wimbledon 2019. As functional as it is elegant, the bag has enough room to carry up to 12 racquets and features a gold version of Wilson’s Thermoguard 2.0, which keeps your tennis strings protected in extreme conditions. Durable and classy, the Federer DNA 12 Pack Bag is suited for competitive players looking for a perfect mix of functionality and on-court style.

Price | $$$
Racquet Capacity | 12
Style | Traditional

  • Gold Thermoguard keeps racquets safe from extreme conditions
  • Two large side pockets capable of storing smaller items (one has mesh pockets)
  • Screened image of Roger Federer’s signature
  • Clean appearance and smooth external texture
  • Limited white version may become dirty
  • Lacks shoe compartment

#3 - Wilson Super Tour 3 Tennis Bag Series

As one of the most popular bags among professional tennis players, the Wilson Super Tour 3 line is sponsored by Venus Williams, Gael Monfils, Simona Halep, and many more professional tennis players.

One of the three main compartments features Wilson’s Thermoguard technology, which insulates and protects racquets. The other two compartments provide ample space to store balls, shoes, food, and other equipment. The Wilson Super Tour 3 is a versatile and comfortable bag suited for even the most serious tennis players. 

Price | $$
Racquet Capacity | 2-15
Style | Traditional (also available in Backpack)

  • Thermoguard keeps racquets safe from extreme conditions
  • Pocket without Thermoguard has optional divider for clothes or shoes (one side is ventilated)
  • Most-used bag on tour, common among the best male and female pros
  • Small felt-lined pockets on exterior
  • Other than the divider, lacks a separate ventilated compartment
  • Structure may cave-in over time if pockets not kept full

#4 - Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack

Sharp and smooth, the clean exterior and matte colors of the Federer DNA Backpack reflect the aesthetic of one of the greatest tennis players ever.

At #4 on our list, this tennis backpack's classy style and supreme quality surpass other top-line backpacks. The racquet compartment offers room for up to 2 racquets, while two main chambers give enough room for other tennis fundamentals like clothes, balls, or cones. The felt-lined pocket offers a safe, soft place to store phones, wallets, or keys. Another larger thermal-lined pocket keeps your sports drinks or food cold.

This backpack is perfect for all levels of tennis players and can easily function as a great school or work bag too. 

Price | $$
Racquet Capacity | 2
Style | Backpack

  • Felt-lined valuables pocket for phone or wallet
  • Thermoguard pocket for drinks or snacks
  • Screened image of Roger Federer’s signature
  • Two large compartments for tennis gear or balls
  • Comfortable and padded straps
  • Limited white version may become dirty
  • Slightly more expensive than other backpack options
  • Lacks ventilated shoe compartment

#5 - Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel Bag

Nike’s new-and-improved Court Advantage Tennis Duffel Bag adds functionality and style for players of all levels.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to buy your first tennis bag or a competitive player looking for a smaller, more comfortable bag, this duffel is equipped with all of the desirable features. It includes a large compartment for gear with dividers to protect up to 2 racquets, a vented pocket for shoes or dirty clothes, and smaller accessory pockets. Made with durable and woven fabric, this bag works for any type of tennis player, and you’ll look stylish in the process. 

Price | $$$
Racquet Capacity | 1-2
Style | Duffel

  • Clean look and fresh style suited for both men and women
  • External vented compartment for tennis shoes or gear
  • Pouch for water bottles
  • Durable, woven material
  • Well-designed internal pockets
  • Lacks large over-the-shoulder strap
  • Narrow design limits space for tennis racquets and clothes
  • Depending on the size of the racquet, the butt may stick out

#6 - Tecnifibre Tour Endurance 15 Pack Tennis Bag

The new Technifibre Tour Endurance 15 Pack Bag is excellently built for maximizing both style and size.

Lined with brilliantly designed interior pockets, Daniil Medvedev’s bag offers enough storage space for players who travel for long tournaments. Two ventilated pockets offer storage for both tennis shoes and wet clothes, and four waterproof accessory pockets line the sides of the bag, offering protection for smaller items. The bag also excels in its durability, and is made from Tarpaulin, a nearly unbreakable UV-resistant and waterproof material.

Overall, this brand-new tennis bag from Technifibre offers everything a tennis enthusiast or professional could ask for and more. 

Price | $$
Racquet Capacity | up to 15, or 6 with room for gear and clothes
Style | Traditional

  • Tarpaulin material makes the bag UV-resistant, waterproof, and durable
  • Ventilated pocket large enough for 2 pairs of tennis shoes
  • 4 Waterproof accessory pockets on the side of the bag
  • Freshly designed exterior
  • Previous versions had issues with zippers breaking
  • Previous versions felt unstable when worn as a backpack

#7 - Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Rackpack XL Tennis Bag

Technifbre has taken its old Rackpack model to new heights with the latest Rackpack XL, which is bigger and more durable.

With the exterior made completely from Tarpaulin, a UV-resistant, strong, and waterproof material, this new bag will hold its structure over time while also protecting the interior contents. Designed for the most competitive of players, it offers a clean interior design with a middle compartment to hold up to 6 racquets, and side pockets for smaller items or gear. As one of the only bags to have a ventilated shoe pocket big enough to hold both shoes and clothes, the Rackpack XL combines lightweight durable material with enough space to store anything you’d need. Two padded and adjustable straps complement the duffel-bag-like design, allowing players the option to carry it over-the-shoulder instead of just as a backpack.

Price | $$
Racquet Capacity | 6
Style | Traditional (but duffel bag interior design)

  • Brilliantly designed interior space, mimics duffel bag style
  • Tarpaulin material makes the bag UV-resistant, waterproof, and durable
  • Middle compartment holds 6 racquets, and the side slots can be used to carry more racquets
  • 2 interior mesh pockets large enough to hold large items
  • Older versions had issues with the velcro internal dividers, which were sometimes fragile
  • Lacks a longer strap or handles, which would allow it to be used as a duffel bag

#8 - Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag

Combining functionality with affordability, the Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag is next on our list.

This bag  offers a large amount of storage space and features two insulated pockets for racquets that protect your tennis strings from extreme weather conditions. The front pocket on top offers an easily accessible storage space for shoes or dirty equipment. A simplistic design and attractive colors make this bag desirable for both male and female players. It is a great alternative for players who are looking for a brand different from their racquets or equipment.

Since it offers most attributes that a more expensive bag would offer, the Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag is the perfect choice for intermediate level players looking for a nice bag without breaking the bank. 

Price | $
Racquet Capacity | 12
Style | Traditional

  • Two insulated compartments to keep a total of 6 racquets protected
  • FreshPak vented compartment in the front
  • UltraRide padded shoulder straps
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to similar style bags
  • Many intermediate players complain that it is unnecessarily large, or bigger than shown in pictures
  • Over time, the design may slightly cave-in in the middle

#9 - Nike Court Tennis Backpack

As one of the least expensive options on our list, the Nike Court Tennis Backpack is perfect for players looking for a suitable, all-encompassing and affordable option.

Made with polyester twill, this is one of the most durable backpacks out there and offers storage for up to 2 tennis racquets. Lightweight, durable, and easy to carry, this bag is the perfect bag for beginners. Though sleek and stylish, it also has enough storage space to carry water, balls, or shoes, and has a front pocket for smaller items. The affordability and crisp look of this bag make it #9 on our list. 

Price | $
Racquet Capacity | 1-2
Style | Backpack 

  • 4 colors available
  • 2 elastic side pockets for water or tennis balls
  • Large main compartment to hold gear
  • Lowest cost backpack on our list
  • Racquet slot has a closure to keep them snugly fastened
  • Lacks shoe compartment
  • Fewer dividers or small pockets than most backpacks

#10 - Wilson Clash Duffel Bag

With the unique duffel design, the Wilson Clash Large Duffel Bag offers a creative alternative to the traditional tennis bag style.

Providing enough space to carry four racquets plus gear for a weekend tournament, this bag is perfect for beginners or intermediate players who only have a few tennis racquets. The fresh design allows for a clean look and it is exceedingly easy to carry.

Price | $$
Racquet Capacity | 4
Style | Duffel

  • Plenty of space to carry both gear and racquets
  • External tennis shoe compartment
  • Long and adjustable grab handles
  • Felt-lined accessory pockets for smaller items
  • Very narrow, which limits the amount of gear that can be carried
  • Lacks longer strap for over-the-shoulder carrying

#11 - Babolat Pure Series Backpack

One of the best backpack models on the market, Babolat’s Pure Backpack series offers room for up to two racquets.

It also has room for gear and a breathable pocket for shoes on the bottom. With a headphone hole on the top of the bag, listening to music or podcasts pre-match is  easy. There are also smaller compartments on both sides of the backpack to keep smaller items like grips, notebooks, or supplements. The padded straps aid comfort and portability. Babolat offers this bag in several colors making it great for any player, and putting it at #11 on our list. 

Price | $
Racquet Capacity | 1-2
Style | Backpack

  • Breathable pocket for tennis shoes or dirty clothes
  • Several smaller accessory compartments for personal items
  • 3 different color options
  • Headphone jack makes listening easy while on-the-go
  • Slightly smaller than other backpack options

How To Choose the Right Tennis Bag for You

Whether you’re a highly competitive player, recreational club member, or you’re just learning to play, a quality bag is one of the most valuable pieces of tennis equipment you can have. It is crucial to keeping your racquets safe from damage, and makes it easier to store all your gear in one place.

The important question is, then, "how do I choose the right tennis bag for me?"

These sections below will guide you to the perfect bag for you.

What to Keep in Your Tennis Bag

Storage space is an important aspect of tennis bags, regardless of player level. To determine how much storage space you need, you should ask yourself:

  • What do I want my tennis bag to hold?
  • Is this bag solely for tennis?

If you’re someone who is looking to carry a spare change of clothes for work or practice, then you would probably be interested in a traditional or duffel-style bag, which has enough space for both dirty clothes and tennis shoes

But if you’re looking for something to hold only tennis equipment, like balls, grips, and smaller items, then a backpack bag is definitely the style for you. Bags like the Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack have enough space to hold all of those items, with enough extra room to also double as a work bag. The sleeve for racquets can provide a safe place for laptops, too. 

If you’re an advanced player with 3 or more racquets, or are looking for a larger bag to travel with, then the traditional style is the best choice for you. The Wilson Super Tour 3 Tennis Bag Series is a versatile choice, offering choices between 9, 12, and 15 racquet capacities.

Note: A “15-racquet bag” is almost never used to carry as many racquets, but instead gives an estimate of the total space available for clothes or other items. 

Frequency of Play & Number of Racquets

A second important factor to help you find a bag well-suited for you is how often you practice or play. If you’re a beginner player with only 1-2 racquets who practices once every few weeks or doesn’t travel to compete, backpack or duffel bag styles would likely suit your needs without being too large or expensive. The Pure Backpack series from Babolat is a great choice for younger players or those who are just starting to play competitively. The Nike Court Advantage Tennis Backpack is an inexpensive but great choice for those who play much less frequently.  

On the other hand, if you’re a serious player who has 3-6 racquets and travels for tournaments often, then you’ll want to consider a number of factors like comfortability, style, and size. Heavy-duty bags like Technifibre’s Rackpack XL or Tour Endurance 15 Pack are a great investment if you play several days per week. They provide plenty of space, a nice aesthetic look, are comfortable on your shoulders, and are built to last.

Top Tennis Bag Brands

For many players, another deciding component is whether their bag’s branding matches that of their racquets. For example, someone playing with a Babolat Pure Drive might be content only with the matching Pure Tennis Bag.

If you are a player who appreciates corresponding branding, then an interesting alternative might be choosing a bag type not associated with tennis racquets at all, like Nike or Adidas. The Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Pack is an exceptional choice for all types and levels of players who are conscientious about having synchronized gear. The Nike Court Advantage Duffel Bag is also a great option.

Rafael Nadal with a Babolat Tennis Bag

Rafael Nadal uses the Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Bag.

Similarly, there are also certain brands of tennis bags that, because their racquets are less popular, would also be considered acceptable, or at least not cliché. One clear example of this is the Technifibre bag series, such as the Rackpack XLs, which are stylish for players using all different types of racquets. Since Technifibre is known as much for bags and strings as it is racquets, many high-level tennis players use their bags but play with other racquet brands.

Protecting Your Racquets

To choose the perfect tennis bag, a final consideration is how much protection you’ll need. Considering the price of an average tennis racquet, safeguarding your racquets with a nice bag is a wise investment. Although some bags have more protection than others, each of the options on our above list has enough cushioning and support to properly protect your racquets. 

However, the amount of protection you need may depend on your skill level. For example, if you’re a more recreational or club-level player, protection for several racquets might not be as valuable to you. Instead, the Nike Court Advantage Duffel Bag or the Wilson Clash Large Duffel Bag might be the best choice to look after 1-2 tennis racquets. These two duffel bag options provide enough support and insulation to defend your racquets, and also double as travel bags when you’re not playing tennis. 

If you’re an elite competitive player, however, you're likely want to maintain precise string tension. You may be interested in the Thermoguard technology of the Wilson Super Tour Series or the Isothermal protection of the Babolat Pure Series, which will protect your racquets from losing string tension in extreme conditions.

Conclusion: Our Picks for Best Tennis Bags

With hundreds of choices on the market, it can be challenging to determine which tennis bag is best for you. There are many factors that make up a good tennis bag, and depending on your level, some of those might be more important than others.

Things like size, protection, durability, and comfort might be more important for serious and high-level players, whereas price, functionality, and style may be more important for intermediate or beginner-level players. 

Hopefully our guide has helped match you with a bag perfectly suited for you. But for us, the best all-around tennis bag is the Babolat Pure 12-Pack Series. It combines style, size, accessories, and popularity. Suited for all levels of both male and female players, it provides everything you’d need from excellent protection and storage to comfort and design.