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August 27, 2021   

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If you need to buy a Christmas, birthday, or any type of gift for a tennis player, you’ll find some great gift ideas below.

We’ve done all the research and reviewed all the products for you so you can easily find the best tennis gift for your friend, relative, or significant other. Below, you’ll see the best tennis books, tennis gear, and even a few funny gifts for tennis players.

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Here is our list of the 21 best tennis gifts.

  1. String Theory by David Foster Wallace – The best tennis book
  2. K Bell Socks – Great for ladies
  3. Vessel Tennis Tote Bag – High-end gift for ladies
  4. Vessel Tennis Bag or Backpack – High-end gift for men
  5. Nike Women’s Tennis Shorts
  6. Nike Women’s Tennis Leggings
  7. Nike Women’s Tennis Pants
  8. Head TI S6 Tennis Racquet – Best racquet for beginners
  9. Best Tennis Coach Coffee Mug – Great for coaches
  10. Tennis & Wine Mug – For wine drinkers
  11. Tennis Pint Glass – For beer drinkers
  12. Stainless Steel Wine/Cocktail Mug – For cocktail or wine drinkers 
  13. Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey – Book
  14. 50th Anniversary US Open Tennis Book – Coffee table book
  15. Tennis Hair Ties – Great for girls
  16. Tennis Ball Bath Bombs
  17. Funny Tennis Socks
  18. Open by Andre Agassi – Book
  19. Topspin Pro Training Aid – For competitive beginner or junior players
  20. Junior Tennis Racquet
  21. Tennis Warehouse Gift Card

The tennis gift that you give will depend on the age, gender, and skill level of the tennis player you’re shopping for. We’ve categorized the gifts for different types of tennis players or fans below to make finding the right gift easy for you.

The Best Tennis Gifts for Readers

If the tennis player you’re buying for is a reader, then the four books below are the best gift options.

  • String Theory by David Foster Wallace is, in this writer’s opinion, the best tennis book ever written. Any tennis player will appreciate Wallace’s knowledge of the game, and the way he accurately describes certain feelings and nuances that only tennis players understand. This compilation of long-form essays on topics ranging from playing tennis in a thunderstorm to Roger Federer make a fantastic tennis gift for people who read for pleasure.
  • The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey is the best book for competitive tennis players who want to improve their game. This book is used by coaches from all sports worldwide to help their players achieve a higher level of mental performance. It will help tennis players perform better under pressure and find consistent improvement in their tennis game.
  • Open by Andre Agassi is another must-read for tennis players. Agassi describes in intimate detail what his life and career were like on the pro tour. Any tennis player would love this book as a gift.
  • If you’re looking for a coffee table book, the 50th Anniversary US Open Tennis Book is full of great images and stories from one of the biggest pro tennis tournaments in the world. Any long time tennis fan would appreciate this gift.
The Best Tennis Gifts for Readers

The Best Tennis Gifts for Ladies

Ladies who play tennis will likely want something that can either help their tennis game, or that they can enjoy between matches.

Hit Happy Tennis also has tennis jewelry, apparel, drinkware, and other tennis gifts. Shop at Hit Happy below for a free pair of tennis wristbands with your order ($10 value).

Vessel Tennis Bags Make a Stylish High-End Gift for Ladies

The Vessel Tote Bag is a great tennis gift that comes in several different colors. Tote bags have become increasingly popular among female tennis players over the last several years, and Vessel makes some of the highest quality tennis bags in the sport. This bag can carry up to two racquets and plenty of tennis gear.

If she plays competitively in leagues and tournaments, you might consider the larger Vessel Tennis Bag. It comes in several colors as well, and is made for advanced players who carry two to six racquets along with other gear.

The Best Tennis Bags for Ladies

Gift Women’s Tennis Clothes & Apparel

If the lady you’re shopping for loves clothes, a great selection of women’s tennis clothes can be found at Tennis Warehouse.

See the all women’s tennis clothes from Tennis Warehouse here.

The Best Tennis Clothes & Apparel Ladies

Low Priced Tennis Gifts for Women

For people on a budget, here are three great tennis gift ideas.

The Best Budget Friendly Gifts for Ladies

Hit Happy Tennis also has tennis jewelry, apparel, drinkware, and other tennis gifts. Shop at Hit Happy below for a free pair of tennis wristbands with your order ($10 value).

The Best Tennis Gifts for Men

For male tennis players, the best gift ideas will either be a practical gift they can use on the tennis court, or a fun gift for off the court.

On-Court Gifts for Men

Here are a few on-court tennis gift ideas for men.

  • For competitive tennis players, the Vessel Tennis Bag is a great gift. This bag holds up to 6 tennis racquets and has plenty of room for other gear that avid tennis players need. If you’re buying a gift for someone who travels to tournaments or plays local leagues, this is a great gift.
  • The Vessel Backpack is a good option for beginners or recreational players who only carry one or two racquets. Since Vessel only makes tennis bags, the brand pairs well with any racquets or other tennis gear.
  • You can also consider purchasing the best tennis shorts, which make a safe gift that you know they will use. Nike and Adidas are the most popular brands, but look at the Lacoste tennis shorts for a higher-end option.
  • A Gift Card from Tennis Warehouse is another safe option that they’re sure to use. They have the largest selection of tennis gear including racquets, shoes, strings, grips, apparel, and more.
The Best Tennis Gifts for Men On Court

Off-Court Gifts for Men

Gifts they can use off the tennis court are a little harder to find.

  • This Tennis Pint Glass for beer drinkers is a simple gift that they’ll be able to use when they’re watching Federer or Nadal on TV.
  • This Tennis Wine/Cocktail Mug makes a great gift for non-beer drinkers. They can keep it in their tennis bag and use it post match to conceal the cocktail of their choice.
  • These Funny Tennis Socks are perfect for tennis fans who like to watch pro tennis from the couch.
The Best Tennis Gifts for Men Off-Court

Tennis Gifts for Toddlers, Teens, and Junior Players

If you’re shopping for a younger tennis player, check out the gift ideas below.

  • For girls, these Tennis Hair Ties make a great gift that they can use during practice or matches.
  • For all junior players who are learning tennis, The Topspin Pro is the best training aid on the market for teaching the important skill of topspin. They can use it at home or at the courts. If you’re buying for a junior player who is serious about improving, this is an amazing gift. Read more about this training aid in our Topspin Pro review.
  • If you’re shopping for someone under 12 years old, a new junior tennis racquet can make a great gift as well. They come in a wide range of prices for any budget.
The Best Tennis Gifts for Juniors

Shop the Best Tennis Gear for More Gift Ideas

If you still aren’t sure which gift is right for the tennis player in your life, you can read our tennis gear reviews to find something you know they’ll love.

Here are some of our gear review articles that might help.

By now, you should be able to find the best tennis gift possible for the person in your life who loves the sport as much as we do!

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