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May 14, 2020   

Below, you’ll see the 5 best tennis podcasts plus a growing list of other podcasts in our honorable mentions.

As the media landscape continues to shift, so too has the way we interact with tennis. Along with “Tennis Twitter”, tennis podcasts are another platform that has quickly become a go-to resource to stay connected to the day-to-day tennis news and behind the scenes action on tour.

Why Listen to Tennis Podcasts?

Why podcasts? For one, they offer a unique look inside tennis that no other medium has been able to successfully replicate.

  • Easy listening while multitasking? Can’t beat it.
  • Player authenticity? More than you’ll get anywhere else.
  • Healthy debates and “what if” discussions? Plenty.
  • Occasional trash talking and swear words? Bring it on.
  • Interviews from outside the box tennis personalities? Full of them.  

Podcasts humanize tennis players beyond the generic, overly scripted pre and post-match interview points we hear all too often…

“I’m just going to focus on my game” or “I couldn’t have done it without the crowd today.” 😴

Instead, tennis podcasts show you a glimpse into their personality as a human being, not an overly media-trained robot.

Outside of player interviews, tennis podcasts can also help you gain a broader perspective into voices of tennis you don’t see or hear from on a regular basis – coaches, agents, hitting partners, tournament directors, chair umpires, sports psychologists, tennis writers, and tour employees, to name a few.

Plus, our favorite pods have been even more active during COVID-19 with everyone spending more time at home. If you’re tired of scrolling through Tennis Twitter every day and want to hop aboard the tennis podcast train, why not give it a shot?

Reviews of the 5 Best Tennis Podcasts

We’ll help you figure out where to start with our top podcast picks. Below we’ve reviewed each podcast, giving you topics, favorite episodes, who should listen, episode length, and much more.

Beyond The Baseline

Sports Illustrated Beyond the Baseline tennis podcast

The official Sports Illustrated Tennis Podcast, Beyond the Baseline debuts weekly episodes (typically on Thursdays) with a mix of influential tennis personalities and sports figures to appeal to SI’s wide listener base.

Who: Jon Wertheim and producer Jamie Lisanti

What We Like: Jon is a seasoned media pro who makes his guests feel at ease and asks the right questions without being too pushy. Along with a strong cast of household tennis names, Jon and Jamie occasionally venture outside of the tennis spectrum with previous guests including NBA star Dirk Nowitzki, Daily Show comedian Michael Kosta, and former Philadelphia Eagles kicker Jake Elliott.

Who Should Listen: Casual or diehard tennis fans

Episode Length: 30-45 minutes

Favorite Episodes:

  • Max Eisenbud (Two episodes in 2020) – Authentic take on Sharapova’s career and an inside look into the life of a tennis agent from IMG Tennis VP and former agent.
  • Bob Bryan (December 2018) – Candid conversation where he talks openly about watching Mike win two slams while he was injured on the sidelines.
  • Chanda Rubin (June 2018) – She’s as likable and down to earth as they come.

Don’t Miss: Grand slam previews and recaps plus the always anticipated interviews with BTB guest favorite Lindsay Davenport (most recently in June 2019).

No Challenges Remaining

No Challenges Remaining tennis podcast

The “OG” of tennis podcasts, No Challenges Remaining (NCR) was the first to put tennis podcasts on the map with nearly 300 episodes dating back to 2012. NCR will keep you informed on a wide range of tennis perspectives and can also make you laugh, disagree, rant, and rave all in one episode.

Hosts: Ben Rothenberg and Courtney Nyugen

What We Like: Ben and Courtney are vocal WTA proponents and never shy away from going the extra mile to cover the offbeat or controversial stories that others won’t touch.

Who Should Listen: Avid fans, WTA advocates and “tennis hipsters”

Episode Length: 45 minutes – 2:00+ hours. NCR is known for its marathons but they are often broken up into multiple episodes and usually well worth the listen if you have the time.

Favorite Episodes:

  • Defining Players of the 2010s (Dec. 2019) – Though you may disagree with some of their picks, Ben and Courtney talk in-depth about their respective Top 10 defining ATP and WTA defining players of the decade.
  • Brad Hutchins (March 2020) – A fascinating look into tennis from the perspective of a “courtsider”, a position you probably never knew existed.
  • Jelena Jankovic (2015) – Enough said, right? You may have to do a little digging into the NCR archives, but a few sound bites from JJ is always worth the extra effort.

Don’t Miss: Reem Abuleill, Egpytian sports journalist and NCR Middle East correspondent, is a frequent guest and always brings an insightful perspective.

The Tennis Podcast

The Tennis Podcast

Full of personality and casual banter, The Tennis Podcast was also one of the first to stake its claim in the tennis podcast landscape back in 2012.

Hosts: David Law, Catherine Whitaker and Matt Roberts

What We Like: There is never a dull moment with this trio of hosts. David, Catherine, and Matt are the type of people you’d want to grab a beer with at the pub… or listen to while they drink a beer and record a podcast episode at the pub. Along with regularly scheduled episodes, they go above and beyond to bring you daily action from the grand slams and other premier tournaments.

Who Should Listen: UK tennis fans or any other knowledgeable fans. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll make it on “the boat” (just ask Catherine’s dad).

Episode Length: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Favorite Episodes:

  • Marion Bartoli (Jan. 2020) – Honest and vulnerable account of her career and personal struggles.
  • Mary Carillo (March 2020) – What’s not to love? One of our sport’s best personalities.
  • Worst Tennis Predictions Ever (April 2020) – An entertaining two-part journey into the archives recounting some of their worst tennis predictions on the podcast.

Don’t Miss: Daily Grand slam episodes without fail, even in the late hours after a night session goes the distance.

Racquet Magazine Podcast

The Racquet Magazine Tennis Podcast

In just its third season, The Racquet Podcast has made a splash in the podcast scene with its unapologetic and unfiltered look into the lives of tennis players both on and off the court.

Hosts: Rennae Stubbs and Racquet Magazine co-founder Caitlin Thompson

What We Like: In this podcast, no topic is off-limits. Rennae and Caitlin tell it like it is with frequent F-bombs and dirty laundry stories combined with thoughtful tennis takes and an impressive roster of player and coach interviews.

Who Should Listen: Tennis fans interested in a mix of shop talk, humor, and behind the scenes stories.

Episode Length: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Favorite Episodes:

  • Andy Roddick (April 2020) – He gives an honest take on his career, rivalry with Federer, the current state of tennis, and much more.
  • Sam Stosur (June 2019 and March 2020) – “Guest host” and close friend/pupil of Rennae Stubbs, Sam shows us a glimpse into another side of her personality many fans probably haven’t yet seen.
  • Daren Cahill (Oct. 2018) – One of tennis’ sharpest minds never disappoints when he’s on the mic as a commentator or being interviewed himself.

Don’t Miss: Guest appearances from fan favorite Andrea Pankovic and bonus episode with Petko interviewing Barbora Strycova.


One of several podcasts housed under the Tennis Channel Podcast Network, the TENNIS.COM podcast brings you straight forward interviews from top players, coaches, and commentators plus lesser-known players climbing up the ranking ladder.

Hosts: Co-hosts Nina Pantic and current WTA player Irina Falconi

What We Like: Insight into the “blue-collar” tennis perspective of lower-ranked players grinding on tour, both from Irina’s perspective while on an injury comeback and frequent interviews from other mid-to-lower ranked players.

Who Should Listen: Tennis players and fans of all levels

Episode Length: 25-40 minutes

Favorite Episodes:

  • Pete Bodo (Nov. 2019) – A long-time tennis writer who talks about the evolution of tennis journalism in a shifting media landscape.
  • Anne Worcester (Oct. 2019) – The tennis veteran and former WTA New Haven tournament director discusses her new role and vision as UTR president.
  • Caroline Dolehide (Aug. 2019) – One of several player interviews that give you a look into life on tour from a “blue-collar” player perspective.

Don’t Miss: Check out the other podcasts under the Tennis Channel Podcast Network (some listed below) including Cracked Interviews, The Mini-Break, Tennis Files, and Tennish.

Honorable Mentions: Other Tennis Podcasts To Check Out

We’re still getting our feet wet in some of these tennis podcasts, but here’s what we like so far.

  • Doubles Only Tennis Podcast – Our own new podcast filling a much-needed void in the tennis landscape by focusing exclusively on doubles. In addition to doubles strategy episodes, hear some of the biggest names in our sport talk doubles including Craig O’Shannessy, Gaby Dabrowski, Nicole Melichar and Eric Butorac.
  • Cracked Interviews – Best podcast for listeners who want a mix of pro and college tennis insights.
  • The Mini-Break – Daily podcast with a mix of tennis news and special features. Don’t miss episodes comparing the careers of Andy Roddick vs. Stan Wawrinka and the WTA No. 5 GOAT debate between Monica Seles, Venus Williams, and Justine Henin.
  • Behind the Racquet – Strong advocates for mental health, Mike Cation, and Noah Rubin frequently discuss this crucial aspect of tennis (and life) that doesn’t get enough attention. Be on the lookout for episodes from the “Mental Health Week” series with interviews from Dr. Johnathan Katz, Sven Groenveld, Marcos Baghdatis, Reilly Opelka, and Marco Trungelliti.
  • The Tennis Abstract (Editor’s Pick) – This one’s for the tennis data and analytics nerds out there. Host Jeff Sackmann is a big analytics guy. He has a well-structured clear approach to help you improve your game and discuss larger tennis issues. Favorite episodes are 79, 80, and 83.
  • The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast – Formerly known as “Under Review”, Craig Shapiro’s unique 5-set format helps break up the conversation and cover a mix of on and off-court topics. Check out interviews from former ATP standout Mardy Fish and long-time WTA coach Wim Fisette.
  • The Body Serve – Hosts and partners Jonathan and James offer a quirky look inside tennis with episodes like “Wiggle It Like Zina” that dig deeper into players and storylines that often get overshadowed.

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  • Game To Love Podcast is the biggest growing podcast out there! My number one for a great mix of comedy and tennis knowledge, from ATP/WTA all the way to Challenger level! They knew about Karatsev long ago…I rest my case!

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