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October 7, 2021   

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Babolat has become an increasingly popular tennis racquet brand over the last few decades. Dozens of professional tennis players use Babolat racquets and other tennis gear.

Babolat makes three different models of tennis racquets, and within each model, there are several variations. This can be confusing, but below we will make it simple so you can understand and choose the best Babolat tennis racquet for your ability and game-style.

The three models of Babolat tennis racquets are the Pure Drive, Pure Aero, and Pure Strike. We will briefly review each model below.

Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat Pure Drive 2021 tennis racquet

Best for Power

Babolat Pure Aero

Babolat Pure Aero tennis racquet

Best for Spin

Babolat Pure Strike

Babolat Pure Strike tennis racquet

Best for Control

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Babolat Pure Drive Review: The Best Power Racquet for Any Skill Level

The Babolat Pure Drive is one of the most popular tennis racquets in the world.

It is the best all around tennis racquet on the market for its ability to generate power for any skill level. Beginners and even pro tour players use the Pure Drive.

We recommend the Pure Drive for singles players who need more power on their serve and groundstrokes from the baseline.

It doesn’t sacrifice too much control or feel either. While it’s not as highly rated as the Pure Strike in terms of control, it does offer a great combination of spin and control for such a powerful tennis racquet. It is also relatively lightweight and easy to handle, making it decent for doubles players who get to the net for volleys.

Here are the different models of the Babolat Pure Drive:

Babolat Pure Drive 2021 tennis racquet
Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Aero Review: Create Maximum Spin

The Babolat Pure Aero has been made famous by Rafael Nadal, who hits the tennis ball with more spin than almost anyone in the world. The Babolat Pure Aero is designed for exactly that.

This racquet is great for most skill levels as well. It has an aerodynamic frame design to cut through the air and increase racquet head speed. The 100 square inch frame and open string pattern help make it a forgiving, spin-friendly, yet powerful racquet.

We recommend the Pure Aero for singles players who want added spin and power to their groundstrokes and serve.

To prioritize all that spin and power, Babolat had to sacrifice control and feel. This racquet is not great for volleys or doubles players who like to get to the net.

Here are the different models of the Babolat Pure Aero:

Babolat Pure Aero tennis racquet
Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Strike Review: A Balanced Racquet for More Control

The Babolat Pure Strike is becoming an increasingly popular racquet for advanced tennis players. Used by US Open Champion Dominic Thiem, this racquet offers the most control of all the Babolat tennis racquets.

The 98 square inch head and narrower beam give this racquet better feel and handling than the Pure Drive and Pure Aero. The technology that Babolat has used for the Pure Strike helps with comfort by absorbing some of the impact. This sacrifices some power and responsiveness, but helps with touch and feel.

We recommend the Pure Strike for players who can create their own power and need something that offers better control and feel. It is great for precision on groundstrokes, returns, and volleys.

Advanced players will find that the Pure Strike still has plenty of power and spin for a 98 inch frame but with added stability when compared to the Pure Drive and Pure Aero. This is not a racquet for beginner or low-level intermediate players, however they do make models for that market below.

Here are the different models of the Babolat Pure Strike:

  • Pure Strike 16×19 – Most popular model. 98 sq. inch.
  • Pure Strike 18×20 – Dense string pattern for even more control. The version used by Dominic Thiem.
  • Pure Strike Tour – Slightly heavier racquet for more stability and power.
  • Pure Strike 100 – Larger head size for bigger sweet spot, extra spin. Great for intermediate players.
  • Pure Strike Team – Lighter version of the 100. Great for intermediate players.
  • Pure Strike EVO – Larger head size (102 in.) and a cheaper version. Best for beginners.
Babolat Pure Strike tennis racquet
Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet

Choosing the Best Babolat Tennis Racquet for You

When choosing a tennis racquet that fits your skill level and playing style, you have to consider what areas you need the most help with.

If you’re an athletic, physically strong adult with big groundstrokes, you probably don’t need help with power. If however, you’re a USTA 3.5 tennis player who plays for fun on weekends and has a compact swing, a racquet with added power is exactly what you need.

The Pure Drive is Babolat’s best overall tennis racquet. It works for a wide range of players at any skill level. However, if you know you’ll need more help with control, the Pure Strike is going to be the best racquet. For intermediate to advanced players who want to create more spin to control the point, the Pure Aero is the best racquet.

The Babolat racquet you choose should be specific to your game. For more tennis racquets, check out our reviews and buyer’s guides below.

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