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4.0 tennis player Kalim Sawires

Kalim Sawires

USTA 4.0 League & Tournament Player

Round Rock TX

I am now spending more time thinking about my strategy instead of just reacting to my opponents. Will has been a strong tennis "mentor" for me.

His lesson and videos have helped me improve my court strategy and results. Keep up the great work!

Change The Way You Think & Play Doubles

Most USTA tennis players around the 3.0 to 4.5 level play doubles the exact same way.

They start losing in a match, and get frustrated, or at best, just try harder. They never change their doubles strategy.

Most doubles players lack the on court awareness it takes to make adjustments during a match. And that make them VERY easy to beat.

Here are a few guidelines most doubles players follow.

  • Don’t hit at the net player
  • Try to out rally the opponent
  • Don’t poach unless you see an easy ball
  • Cover your alley & don’t get beat up the line

The problem with this is, everyone is doing it!

So, to win with these strategies, you have to outwork everyone you play, and you won’t be able to level up your tennis game.

When I first moved to Austin Texas I lost several doubles matches against 4.0 teams, then I decided to change the way I play doubles.

What happened?

Within 2 years, I won the biggest 4.5 tennis tournament in Texas for men’s & mixed doubles.

The Tennis Tribe is how I share the doubles strategies and tips I used to help me get there.

Actually, every week I come up with a new doubles lesson that is specifically designed to get you thinking about how you can improve next time you step onto the tennis court.

Will Boucek doubles player and coach

Me at USTA sectionals with my mixed doubles team.

Wouldn’t you rather improve your doubles game without dozens of hours of practicing forehands and serves, grinding away on the tennis court?

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I have begun to actively analyze the match and my opponents as I am playing. Thanks to your lessons, strategy is becoming a part of my game. I still have much to learn but I have the tools I need to improve. Thank you!

Doubles tennis player Tiffany Sanford

Tiffany Sanford

USTA 3.5 League Player

Austin TX

I now try to be more active at the net. Will has a strategy-based approach that would be especially useful to existing double partnerships (3.0 - 4.5) in developing plays and strategies effective in solving the rubik's cube of a competitive double match.

3.5 doubles tennis player Mason Spencer

Mason Spencer

USTA 3.5 League Player

Windcrest TX

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