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November 15, 2021   

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The socks you wear on the tennis court play a meaningful role in your performance. Choose the right socks and you will feel that much more comfortable, avoid blisters, and have more fun playing tennis. Choose the wrong socks and you will struggle to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and blister-free.

Below, we’ve reviewed the different types of tennis socks on the market, highlighting the best 9 options in detail to help you find the right pair of socks for your unique feet, style of play, and preferences.

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Before we review each sock in more detail below, here is our list of the 9 best tennis socks.

Reviews of the 9 Best Tennis Socks

Below is our list of the top 9 tennis socks. Here, we will review these 9 best socks in detail, describe the pros, cons, and best features of each pair.

#1 – Thorlos Tennis Crew Thick Cushion Socks

Thorlos are a fairly popular sock brand among tennis players.

This uber-thick tennis sock is made of acrylic, nylon and spandex. The socks’ low profile seam along the toe is designed to avoid irritation and rubbing.

Composed of THOR-LON fibers, this crew sock provides a comfortable soft texture, elite durability, and moisture wicking to keep the feet dry during long tennis matches. It is made to absorb as much shock as possible while you play tennis, racquetball and other court sports.

Thorlos are made with extended cushioning across the toes for optimal protection when you start, stop, pivot, and move around the court. In fact, the Thorlos actually tested the padding below the heel and ball of the foot at clinics to ensure superior protection.

Price | $$$
Pairs | 3
Styles Available | 10+

Pros and Cons

  • Designed to absorb shock
  • Soft, comfortable texture
  • Durable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Great cushioning across the toes
  • Protection for starting, stopping, & pivoting
  • Run slightly smaller in size

#2 – Prince Men’s Quarter Performance Socks

Prince is a well-known tennis brand, and their socks are great for players of all skill-levels.

These specially designed quarter length socks are 96% polyester. The remaining 4% is comprised of rubber and spandex. These socks fit all men’s shoe sizes from 6 to 12. Their cushioned sole provides a comfortable fit. These socks also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The toe seam is remarkably smooth, helping you avoid those blisters that are common after intense tennis matches. These socks are carefully designed to wrap around the foot in a manner that provides just the right fit without the prospect of sliding amidst play.

These socks have a little bit less cushioning and durability than others. The material is slightly thinner than other tennis socks. They also run slightly large compared to other socks.

Price | $
Pairs | 6
Styles Available | 4

Pros and Cons

  • High quality for a decent price
  • Cushioned sole
  • Smooth toe seam
  • Fits tightly without sliding
  • Less cushioning than others
  • Run slightly large in size

#3 – Saucony Women’s No-Show Sport Socks

Saucony is more of a runner’s brand, but these socks are great for tennis too.

These women’s athletic socks are concealed beneath the sneaker. Their roll top design includes a heel tab which helps them not slide down into your shoe. This also adds comfort and absorbs sweat, keeping your feet dry on hot days. Saucony made these no-show socks from 98% polyester and 2% spandex with a knit weave.

Saucony also made these socks with targeted zone cushioning at high-impact points for added comfort. The mesh ventilation makes them very breathable as well. The socks’ targeted arch compression ensures the arch remains completely secure and stable.

These socks are a low cut, so be sure to order the right size. If ordered too small, you may experience uncomfortable rubbing against the heel or achilles. That said, Saucony socks do run larger than other brands.

Price |  $
Pairs | 8 or 16
Styles Available | 8

Pros and Cons

  • Cushioning at high-impact points
  • Comfortable toe seam
  • Mesh ventilation
  • Targeted arch compression
  • Rolltop prevents bunching or slippage
  • Cut low at the back portion of the heel
  • Run a bit large in size

#4 – Adidas Men’s Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks

Adidas makes great athletic gear, including some of the best tennis bags, shoes, and socks.

These Adidas socks are made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. Built with ClimaLite construction, they will wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry. The implementation of arch compression ensures the support and fit necessary to keep your feet in tip-top shape while going all out on the tennis court.

These socks are relatively thin, which is great for performance. Competitive players and quick movers will find that they won’t last as long as a sock like Thorlos. You may create holes in the toe or ball of your foot. However, they are relatively inexpensive. They come in 4 styles of white, grey, and black.

Price |  $
Pairs | 6
Styles Available | 4

Pros and Cons

  • ClimaLite technology wicks away moisture
  • Feet stay dry
  • Good arch support
  • Great value
  • Relatively thin
  • Advanced players create holes in them quickly

#5 – K. Bell Women’s Met My Match Tennis Socks

K. Bell isn’t a tennis brand, but they do make a pair of fashionable, trendy tennis socks.

With 8 designs, you’ll be able to find one that fits your style. They are low-cut and made from 80% cotton, 18% nylon, and 2% spandex. These socks are specially designed to ensure the feet feel free and comfortable. Made of durable, high-quality material that will last, they also provide a good amount of cushion.

Price |  $$
Pairs | 1
Styles Available | 7

Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable design
  • 7 styles & colors available
  • Great support & cushioning
  • Durable after many washes
  • None we could find

#6 – CelerSport Ankle Athletic Low Cut Socks

CelerSport’s Ankle Athletic Running Socks are great for tennis players looking for an athletic low-cut sock. They’re made with top-notch materials including combined cotton, which comprises nearly 90% of the sock, polyester, and spandex.

These CelerSport socks will keep your feet as dry as possible even if you sweat heavily on the court. This dryness is maintained thanks to the socks’ air permeability combined with superior moisture wicking. The end result is breathability that safeguards your skin while providing optimal comfort.

Unlike many other socks that merely provide two size ranges, these socks are available in four unique sizes ranging from small to extra large. Built with elite arch compression, these socks safeguard the arch for added foot stability on the court.  

Though these socks are made of nearly 90% cotton, they feel more like a high quality athletic material. They are relatively thick as well.

Sizing is a known issue for these socks. The small and medium sizes are very similar. Furthermore, some customers have complained the extra large size is too small for their feet.

Price |  $
Pairs | 6
Styles Available | 4

Pros and Cons

  • Great breathability
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Available in four unique sizes (S-XL)
  • Arch compression for foot stability
  • Small & medium sizes are too similar

#7 – HUSO Performance Sports Ankle Compression Socks

HUSO’s Performance Sports Ankle Compression socks have a unique blend of materials featuring 42% polyester, 38% nylon, 10% spandex, and 5% of both elastic and cotton.

Built with compression from the mid-foot to the plantar fascia for superior arch support, these socks prove quite comfortable. The heel cup is deep yet lightly padded to minimize foot stress and potential abrasion.

A unique dri-fit fabric is used to wick away the sweat while simultaneously combating odors, ensuring the feet prove cool and dry.

These HUSO socks are available in only one size, suitable for foot sizes between 9 and 13. These socks have a particularly tight fit as they are compression socks. They’re also labeled for the left and right foot. The sock material is comparably thin, creating the potential for them to wear out sooner than expected.

Price |  $$
Pairs | 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6
Styles Available | 18

Pros and Cons

  • Compression for arch support
  • 18 colors available
  • Sweat & odor resistant
  • Cushion in the places you need it
  • Only one size (sizes 9-13)

#8 – Under Armour Women’s Essential No Show Socks

Under Armour has quickly emerged as one of the world’s top athletic apparel brands. They make some of the best sunglasses for tennis as well as socks.

Made with 97% polyester and 3% spandex, these Essential No Show Socks feature flat knit construction. This design allows the socks to adjust to each unique tennis player’s foot for superior feel and comfort.

They also have embedded arch support to help combat foot fatigue. The sock materials wick away the sweat while drying fast, making those hot and humid days less taxing. They feature a unique anti-odor technology.

Compared to other tennis socks, these are fairly thin. This creates the potential for sooner-than-expected holes and wear that necessitates early replacement.

Price |  $
Pairs | 6
Styles Available | 20+

Pros and Cons

  • Embedded arch support
  • 20+ styles & colors available
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Fairly thin material
  • Not as long-lasting as other socks 

#9 – Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks For Men and Women

These socks, made for running, are some of the best tennis socks for blisters you can find.

They are comprised of completely natural fibers. The all-natural mohair and Drynamix is the material that helps prevent blisters. The unique materials and design also regulates temperature to keep your feet cool.

The Drynamix wicks moisture away from the skin while you play. Furthermore, the reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation helps keep your feet dry. The roll top will also keep the heel from sliding down into the shoe. Their low cut profile and variety of designs make them a good fit for both men and women.

Price | $$$
Pairs | 1
Styles Available | 10

Pros and Cons

  • Very high-quality materials
  • Soft texture
  • Mohair keeps feet cool & prevents blisters
  • Drynamix polyester wicks moisture away
  • Reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation
  • Relatively expensive

What are Tennis Socks Made of?

The primary materials in traditional socks typically include some combination of cotton, polyester, and sometimes wool. However, athletic socks for tennis or active sports often have other materials.

Most tennis socks are made from a combination of the following materials:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic materials
  • Spandex
  • Nylon

Different Styles of Tennis Socks

You’ll see most tennis players on TV have their own style of sock they prefer. On the men’s tour, you usually see long socks. However, most women play with a lower profile sock, like ankle or no-show socks.

Above, we’ve reviewed a number of different styles.

No-show Socks

No-show socks are exactly as they sound – they do not show above the sneaker. The advantage of this sock style is it does not lead to a sweat-soaked upper portion of the sock around the ankle or calf. The downside to no-show socks is they are that much more likely to slip down into the sneaker during play. This can cause rubbing or irritation leading to blisters.

Roll Top Socks

Roll Top socks have a somewhat loose diminutive roll at the very top that ensures a comfortable fit. These socks come in different lengths. The roll helps ankle length socks stay above the shoe. On longer roll top socks, the roll can help absorb sweat.

Ankle or Quarter Socks

Ankle socks for tennis, also referred to as mini-crew socks, rise to about an inch above the player’s ankle. Ankle socks are small enough in size to permit optimal foot and ankle movement for quick on-court pivots. They’re a great alternative to no-show socks since they wont slide down into the shoe.

Quarter socks are slightly longer than ankle socks. They help conceal the ankle bone. This style of sock is optimal for individuals most likely to endure heel blisters or achilles issues while playing.

Crew or Long Socks

Crew socks, also referred to as long socks are very common in tennis. These socks absorb sweat on those blazing hot days while simultaneously protecting the skin against the sun’s harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays.

If you want your socks to take center stage in terms of visual prominence, opt for long socks. These high tennis socks put your unique sense of style on display. Pro women’s doubles player, Bethanie Mattek-Sands is known for her long socks.

How to Choose the Right Tennis Socks for You

Choosing the right socks for you will depend on your skill level, playing style, and preferences. Below, we’ll help you find the right type of tennis sock for you.

How Much Padding Do You Need?

The level of padding you need in a tennis sock hinges on your unique feet and desires. Make sure you wear a pair of the best shoes for tennis to also help with padding and comfort on the tennis court.

Padding helps protect your feet as you quickly pivot and come to sudden stops on the tennis court. If you have sensitive feet, you’ll want more padding like the Thorlo socks above. If however, you have tougher feet that are used to a little stress, you may prefer thin socks to maximize your performance.

Your playing style matters too. Beginners won’t have to worry about padding as much because they are unlikely to be sprinting around the court. Advanced players will be moving around the court faster, so they may need extra cushion to avoid blisters.

Padding level also comes down to personal preference. For example, additional padding on specific pressure points might be comfortable for you yet make your doubles partner’s shoes feel too tight.

Support for the Arches

Arch support isn’t only important in your shoes. Light compression to the foot’s arch prevents fatigue and strain that can cause plantar fasciitis.

Truly supportive socks provide a close fit with the foot even during sports like tennis. The last thing you want is a sock that moves or bunches into your sneakers’ corners as you play. All socks above provide a secure fit, just make sure you choose the right size.

What Sock Material is Best for You?

Though some tennis players do not mind playing with regular cotton socks, those who try other types of socks typically recognize the material makes a big difference.

Although cotton is affordable and absorbs sweat, it holds onto that moisture and proves malleable. Today’s synthetic fibers send moisture out of the sock, helping the feet breathe and remain dry.

Furthermore, synthetic sock material maintains its shape better than cotton, ensuring there is less slippage during play that can cause blisters.

Conclusion: Our Picks for the Best Socks for Tennis Players

After an exhaustive review of the seemingly countless tennis socks on the market, we have whittled down the pack to the cream of the crop. We favor the Thorlos Tennis Crew Thick Cushion socks. These socks provide superior shock absorption that helps players make it through grueling matches as comfortably as possible. Give them a shot and you will agree they are some of the best socks for tennis.

We are also partial to the Adidas Men’s Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks as they have ample cushioning for superior comfort along with a specially designed welt cuff for optimal durability. These socks provide the ideal blend of comfort, quality and affordability.

Though the CelerSport Ankle Athletic Running Socks were not specifically designed for tennis players, they are worthy of mention. These low cut socks provide fantastic moisture wicking, prove air permeable and keep the feet dry. The skin of your feet will be able to “breathe” even though these socks have uber-thick padding. In short, the CelerSport Ankle Athletic Running Socks will keep your feet at just the right temperature even if you play through an exhausting five-set match.

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