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July 2, 2021   

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Vessel tennis bags are a high-end, stylish option for tennis players who want a high-quality bag for carrying their gear.

As you will see below, Vessel tennis bags are great for club and league players seeking a well-designed, compact bag that fits all their tennis gear. Below, we will review the Vessel racquet bag and tennis backpack to help you decide if they are a good fit for you.

About Vessel Tennis Bags

Vessel Tennis Bags company logo

Vessel is a company that originally made golf bags but has transitioned to tennis in recent years. They are known for their high-quality materials and modern design. Vessel also donates a backpack to a child in need for every bag they sell.

Vessel makes 3 different tennis bags in their “Baseline Collection.” Each bag comes in multiple colors.

Below we will review the Vessel Baseline Racquet Bag and Tennis Backpack in more detail.

Vessel Baseline Racquet Bag Review

The Baseline Racquet Bag is their largest tennis bag with a traditional, compact design.

Vessel tennis racquet bag

Here are some features of this tennis bag.

  • Six racquet capacity.
  • Two large compartments (one insulated) for carrying racquets and other tennis gear.
  • A ventilated shoe compartment at the end.
  • The outside of the bag has two large pockets and two smaller pockets.
  • One of the outside pockets has a thermal lining designed to hold a water bottle.
  • Another outside pocket has an internal zipper with a felt lining for keeping valuables like your phone, wallet, and keys.
  • There are two adjustable backpack style straps for carrying. They can be easily removed as well.
  • It comes in four colors: Black, Grey, Rose Gold, & Mint.

This bag isn’t quite as big as some traditional tennis bags, but unless you’re a pro player trying to carry 10+ racquets with you, it’s a perfect size.

This Bag has Two Large Compartments for Up to Six Tennis Racquets + Gear

The first of the two large compartments can fit two racquets and has a thermal lining to help maintain the tension of your tennis strings and keep the racquets safe. I only carry two racquets with me, so this is where I keep them.

The other compartment is larger and can fit four racquets, clothes, towels, grips, water bottles, strings, and anything else you might need on the tennis court. This larger pocket also has an internal pocket with a zipper to keep smaller items.

The Shoe Compartment & Outside Pockets Make it Easy to Stay Organized

The shoe compartment is huge. My tennis shoes are US men’s size 12 and they easily fit in the pocket. It also has a small hole at the end for ventilation.

The four outside pockets are really well-designed. There is a large and a small pocket on each side of the bag. The large pockets have built-in pouches inside them for organizing your gear. One of the two smaller pockets has an extra pocket inside with a zipper to keep valuables secure. The other smaller pocket has thermal protection.

Adjustable should straps on the vessel tennis bag

Carry the Bag as a Backpack or Duffel

The adjustable backpack straps are made of a high-quality neoprene material that creates a comfort level not matched by many of the best tennis bags. You can also easily remove the straps and carry the bag like a duffel bag with one of the two handles on the end and in the center of the bag.

Overall, Vessel’s Racquet Bag is a great tennis bag for players who travel, or simply want the room to carry all their gear in one bag. It’s the perfect size for players who carry two to four racquets.

The Vessel Tennis Backpack Review

Vessel’s Tennis Backpack is another high-quality bag for the tennis player seeking a smaller option.

Here are the features of their backpack.

  • Two racquet capacity.
  • Two outside water bottle pockets that can also fit a can of tennis balls.
  • One large internal compartment with two smaller zipper pockets inside.
  • A ventilated shoe compartment on the bottom.
  • It comes in two colors: Black & Grey.
Grey Vessel tennis backpack bag with two racquets

The Backpack has a Compact Design

Similar to the racquet bag above, their tennis backpack is smaller than other backpacks I’ve used. However, it does fit both of my tennis racquets, and the main compartment is surprisingly spacious. They did a great job of keeping a compact design while giving you enough room to store your gear.

It Has Well-Designed Pockets & High-Quality Materials

The two smaller pockets inside are lined with a felt-like material to keep your phone, keys, and other valuables safe. There’s also a key clip.

The outside pockets stay closed with a magnet when they’re not being used, which is a cool feature, and they easily fit my 32-ounce water bottle. My larger 48-ounce Nalgene water bottle was a tight fit and doesn’t feel secure so I keep that inside the main compartment.

The backpack is made with a combination of synthetic leather and high-quality nylon material. Like all of Vessel’s products, it is very comfortable and built to last.

The Vessel tennis backpack with racquets and a water bottle

The Shoe Compartment Will Work for Most Tennis Players

The shoe compartment on the bottom will take up some space in the main compartment. There is a velcro-expansion option inside the shoe compartment that I used so my size 12 US men’s shoes would fit. It was a tight fit, but for most shoe sizes, this shouldn’t be an issue.

I’d recommend the Vessel Tennis Backpack for anyone who doesn’t bring a lot with them to the tennis court but still needs to keep everything in one place. It can easily fit water, balls, a towel, and an extra change of clothes.

However, if you keep a lot of strings, grips, and other gear, I recommend the racquet bag above.

Vessel Tennis Bags are a Great Option for Club Tennis Players

If you’re a member at a tennis club or like to play local leagues and tournaments, Vessel tennis bags are a great option.

When you buy a Vessel tennis bag, you’re going to stand out since they’re not a popular tennis brand (yet). You’re also helping a child in need with their Buy a Bag, Give a Bag initiative.

Another perk when you own a Vessel Bag is, it doesn’t matter which racquets you play with, or what shoes you wear. Switch from a Wilson racquet to the Babolat Pure Drive, and your Vessel bag still works since they don’t make tennis racquets.

If you’re looking for a stylish, high-quality, tennis bag, check out Vessel.

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