by Will Boucek

August 27, 2021   

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For tennis players who like to travel light with only the essentials, the Cancha tennis bag is a great choice.

Cancha tennis bags aren’t a well-known brand yet, but their bags are high quality and an excellent solution for the right type of player. They seem to be targeting a specific niche within the tennis market: the traveling player.

Below, I’ll review the details of the Cancha tennis bag to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Cancha Racquet Bag

Cancha Racquet Bag

Cancha Wet-Dry Bag

Cancha Wet Dry Bag

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Cancha Bags: A Tennis Bag for Players who Travel

The Cancha bag was designed by pro tennis player, Jack Oswald. When I first opened mine, I could quickly tell that he created it with lightweight travel in mind.

Cancha tennis bag review with day bag and wet-dry bag attachments
Cancha tennis racquet bag with day bag and wet-dry bag attachments

I got the tennis bag, plus the day and wet-dry bag attachments (more on this below). The bags are lightweight and made with very durable, high-quality materials. It would be very easy to carry this bag onto a plane as it’s far less bulky than some of the other best tennis bags on the market.

My bag came with three parts (more are available though). We’ll review them below and explain how they work together.

The Cancha Tennis Bag Review: Lightweight, Sleek, & Holds Four Racquets

Cancha Tennis Bag holds four racquets

The tennis bag easily fits my four racquets, however there is not a lot of room for much else. This is by design though.

The bag is very lightweight and sleek. It has one outside pocket that is big enough to hold a phone, wallet, keys, or smaller tennis gear like strings or overgrips.

The fabric material is very high quality, but it doesn’t have much padding to protect the racquets from outside force. I wouldn’t check the bag at an airport with my racquets in it. It can easily be carried onto a flight though.

Features of the Cancha Tennis Bag

Cancha tennis racquet bag with backpack straps
  • Backpack style straps: These are thin, adding to the lightweight design. But they are very comfortable. They can also be easily adjusted to fit your frame, and it comes with a sternum strap for added support.
  • Racquet divider: The inside of the bag has a thin pad to protect the racquets from each other. With one divider, it protects two racquets from hitting each other.
  • Water-resistant fabric & zippers: There are two zippers on the bag making it easy to zip up. The zippers and nylon fabric are both water-resistant to help protect your racquets from outside elements.
  • Attachments for extra storage: Possibly the best feature of the Cancha tennis bag is that it also comes with attachments available, making it customizable based on your needs.

Cancha Bag Attachments Allow You to Pack Efficiently

Cancha bag attachments pair with MOLLE pouches
Cancha bags pair with any MOLLE pouches

The Cancha tennis bag has a number of places to strap on extra bags. They used a standard design for this that allows you to purchase any MOLLE pouches to attach to the outside of the bag.

Cancha offers two optional attachments as well.

The Day Bag Attachment

The day bag is a small bag with an inside pouch and an outside zipper pocket. This bag can fit extra clothes, toiletries for travel, or any on-court tennis gear you might need.

The size of the bag is about 10.2 x 11 x 4 inches. I was able to fit three cans of tennis balls inside the main compartment.

The Wet-Dry Bag Attachment

This bag is a larger bag that easily clips to the outside of the racquet bag. It has one zipper across the middle of the bag for easy access to your gear.

The bag has one spacious compartment. You can easily fit a pair of shoes, clothes, and more inside. The dimensions are around 15 x 10.2 x 4.7 inches. I could easily fit my shoes (Size 12 US Men) and a can of tennis balls with room to spare.

Cancha bag with wet dry attachment
Cancha tennis racquet bag with wet-dry bag attached

The bag also comes with a traditional drybag inside. You can keep dirty or wet clothes in it to separate them from your other gear.

Cancha also offers a larger backpack that I won’t be reviewing, but you can check it out at

Is the Cancha Tennis Bag Right for You?

If you’re a tennis player who flies a lot and prefers to travel light, the Cancha tennis bag is a great option.

While many tennis bags are large and bulky with tons of wasted space, the Cancha bag allows you to carry as much or as little as you need with its attachment system.

Cancha tennis bag review with wet-dry bag attachment
Cancha tennis racquet bag and wet-dry bag attachment

The bags securely clip to each other for running through airports, and easily separate for unpacking once you arrive at the tennis tournament.

Because the Cancha tennis bag, day bag, and wet-dry bag attachments are designed for light traveling, they don’t have a ton of space. If you’re a player who travels with lots of gear, like multiple pairs of shoes or 6+ racquets, this is probably not the bag for you.

However, for players who want to prioritize lightweight and flexible travel, the Cancha tennis bag is perfect.

Will Boucek

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