How to Beat the Lob or Pusher in Doubles: Podcast 013

Today we discuss one of the most common questions from listeners of the show – how do I beat a team that lobs? How do I defend against the pusher?

There are three key points we cover to help you with this:

  • Practice your overheads!
  • How do we defend or position ourselves against the lob?
  • How do we prevent the lob in the first place?

Show Notes from this Podcast

Here are some of the things I mention in this podcast episode:

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About the Author

Will Boucek is the Founder & CEO of The Tennis Tribe. He has played tennis for over two decades, including in college. Will has worked with ATP & WTA tour players and coaches. He currently lives in Austin TX where he plays USTA leagues & tournaments, writes about tennis, and teaches doubles workshops.