Gigi Fernandez Interview: 17x Grand Slam Doubles Champion

Gigi Fernandez

In this episode, Will talks with Gigi Fernandez, one of the greatest doubles players of all time.

Gigi won 17 major doubles titles on the professional tour and two Olympic Gold Medals. She was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2010. Today, she specializes in teaching club and recreational adult doubles players.

This is a really rare opportunity where you get someone from the pro-level teaching at a recreational level or club level. In this conversation, you’ll learn about Gigi’s pro career and tons of doubles strategy. Gigi discusses the Gigi method, which has five different parts to it (below). She covers serve and return strategy, net play, how to defend against the lob, and the biggest mistakes she sees from club-level doubles players.

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Watch the video of this interview below

  • Go to minute 16 to see Gigi explaining the inside return from the ad court.

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