by Will Boucek

July 15, 2021   

Older 40+ players are crafty, have more control, and never miss. Young 18-39 players are fast and hit the ball hard!

This, of course, is an overgeneralization, but it’s helpful to think about how to beat each of these types of doubles teams.

In this episode, I tell a story from college of a teammate who thought smacking overheads from the baseline was a good strategy for him. Our coach taught him that it wasn’t through a clever drill. We’ll use the lesson he learned to figure out how to beat a crafty, consistent, 40+ or 55+ team. Then I’ll talk about strategy for beating younger doubles teams in the 18-39-year-old range who hit with more power.

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Will Boucek

About the author

Will Boucek is the Founder & CEO of The Tennis Tribe. He has played and coached tennis for over two decades. Will is a strategy analyst for ATP & WTA tour players and coaches. He also tests the latest tennis racquets, shoes, & other gear from Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, and other tennis brands. He currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas where he plays USTA leagues & tournaments.

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