Rajeev Ram Interview: 2020 Australian Open Men’s Doubles Champion

Rajeev Ram 2020 Australian Open Men's Doubles Champion

In this episode, I talk with ATP doubles player Rajeev Ram. He is number 15 in the world in doubles right now, and last year reached a career-high of number 5.

When I catch up with him he is in his hotel room in Australia on a 14-day quarantine. He is one of the players who is not allowed to leave his hotel room at all for fourteen days.

We talk about how he manages to train while he is stuck in his hotel room 24/7, and then dive into his career and doubles strategy.

We discuss World Team Tennis, how he got started playing tennis, his time in college playing at Illinois, his pro career, July 10, 2009 when he played four ATP matches in one day, before diving into doubles strategy. I ask him:

  • How he game plans before a match.
  • How he and Joe Salisbury make in-match adjustments.
  • What his biggest strength & weakness is on the doubles court.
  • When he likes to use signals vs talking (while serving).
  • and a lot more…

Note: Rajeev’s hotel wifi was not great, so you will hear some audio issues. We did our best to edit as much as possible.

Interview Notes from this Podcast

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