Tennis Strategy & Game Plans

Below are step by step game plans you can start using to win more matches. Share them with your partner and execute. They’re designed with simple, and easy to use strategies so you can use them in your next double match.

The Ultimate Doubles Strategy

Women's doubles champions at Wimbledon

Use these doubles tips against any team and win 80% or more of USTA matches in your league or tournament. This fundamental game plan takes advantage of people’s most common weaknesses.

The Ten Point Tiebreaker

Learn how to win ten point tiebreakers. These are crucial for USTA league and tounament tennis. This is the exact strategy I used to win over 80% of my own 10 point breakers in 4.5 tennis matches last year.

How To Beat Teams Better Than You

Most teams get this completely wrong. There’s a simple strategy to start beating more doubles teams who are currently better than you, and it’s not what you think. Focus on these few tactics to start leveling up your game tomorrow.

Beating a Serve and Volley Team

Doubles teams who serve and come to the net can be overwhelming. In our complete serve and volley lesson, I’ve broken down an exact game plan to follow that will make their life difficult.

To learn more about the fundamental thinking behind these game plans, see our lessons on principles of tennis and mindset so you can create your own.