by Will Boucek

September 30, 2021   

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The Wilson Ultra tennis racquets are made for singles players seeking more power and spin in their game.

The Ultra is used by several professional tennis players including Victoria Azarenka. It comes in several different weights and sizes, making it a great racquet for multiple skill levels.

Below, I will review the Wilson Ultra and compare it with other tennis racquets to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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Different Versions of the Wilson Ultra Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Ultra tennis racquet comes in several versions that vary in weight and size. Below is a list of the different Wilson Ultra racquets on the market today.

Wilson Ultra 100 v3 tennis racquet review

We’ll review each version in more detail below.

Wilson Ultra 100 Review: A Power Baseliner’s Racquet

We’ll start with the standard version, the Wilson Ultra 100 v3. Below are the specifications and on court performance you should expect from this racquet.

Wilson Ultra 100 v3 Racquet Specifications

Weight: 11.2 oz. strung

Head Size: 100 square inches

Length: 27 inches

Balance: 330 mm

String Pattern: 16×19

The 100 square inch head, thick beam, and open string pattern all make it a powerful racquet. The sweet spot is generous and it’s also a fairly lightweight tennis racquet, making it easy to swing.

Pros & Cons of the Wilson Ultra

See the pros and cons of the Ultra tennis racquet below for a quick glance at how it performs compared to other tennis racquets.


  • Excellent power-oriented racquet for all skill levels
  • Great for players who control from the baseline
  • Lightweight & easy to swing
  • Adds power & solid spin to groundstrokes


  • Stiff frame can feel uncomfortable
  • Not great on volleys or touch shots

The Ultra 100 Racquet Prioritizes Power

With this tennis racquet, Wilson has prioritized power.

Victoria Azarenka plays with the Wilson Ultra tennis racquet
Victoria Azarenka uses the Wilson Ultra tennis racquet. Photo Credit: ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News

You’ll find it easy to create depth on your groundstrokes from the baseline without swinging too hard. The 100 inch head size gives it a large, forgiving sweet spot so you feel comfortable on both forehand and backhand groundstrokes.

The Ultra is also a stiffer racquet which adds to the pace. It will help you increase power on your serves as well.

The Ultra 100 Helps Generate Topspin

The Wilson Ultra will also add spin to your ball because of the open (16×19) string pattern. Because the racquet is light, you’ll be able to generate plenty of racquet head speed, further adding to the spin potential.

This makes the Ultra a great tennis racquet for intermediate players who are learning to hit with more topspin. It’s also great for people who like to play from the baseline and hit big forehands or backhands.

The Wilson Ultra is Not Great for Volleys or Defense

The Wilson Ultra is not a great racquet for volleys or defending against pace. Since it is lightweight, it doesn’t have the stability of the best advanced tennis racquets.

Wilson Ultra 100 v3 Tennis Racquet

If you hit the tennis ball off center, which happens often against pace, the racquet will feel unstable making it difficult to keep the ball in play. Returning against faster serves might also be difficult.

The Ultra is a Less Flexible Tennis Racquet

Because this racquet is geared toward adding power to your game, it doesn’t have the comfort level or flexibility of other Wilson tennis racquets. On contact, the ball doesn’t feel like it stays on the string bed very long.

It is not great for people with tennis elbow because of the stiffness, combined with the lightweight nature of the frame.

Reviewing Other Versions of the Wilson Ultra

The other versions of the Ultra are better for players of a lower skill-level.

Ultra 100L v3
Ultra 100UL
Ultra 108
A lighter version of the Ultra, at 10.4 oz. strung. The lightest version at only 9.6 oz. strung. For beginners only.
Better for beginners or junior players who are still developing their skills. This is a beginner tennis racquet for people who need something very light. For players who aren’t as physically strong or don’t play a lot of sports.
Intermediate adults who prefer a lighter racquet can use this version as well. Most beginner adults should use the 100 or the 100L. It has a 108 square inch head size which makes it very forgiving for people who are new to tennis.
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The Best Alternatives to the Wilson Ultra

Below are several tennis racquets similar to the Wilson Ultra.

  • Head Extreme – Another power oriented racquet, the Head Extreme has a higher level of comfort and better feel than the Ultra.
  • Babolat Pure Drive – This racquet offers more control and better comfort than the Ultra, but still has a powerful frame.
  • Babolat Pure Aero – A more spin-friendly alternative to the Ultra, this racquet is a popular choice among players with big heavy groundstrokes.

My Experience Playing with the Wilson Ultra

I played with the Wilson Ultra 100 v3 several times over the course of a few weeks.

The racquet is very easy to swing. I felt like I could effortlessly hit the ball deep in the court with decent topspin. However, when I made contact with the ball slightly off-center the racquet felt unstable to me. My backhand is weaker and it did miss long sometimes when I didn’t make clean contact, especially defending against faster pace.

When serving, the Wilson Ultra made it easy to create spin. I was able to hit great kick serves and slice serves. Because it is so light though, I felt my accuracy was a bit off.

On returns and volleys, the Ultra lacked the stability I need against hard hit balls. For beginner and lower level intermediate players, this shouldn’t be a problem though.

I actually prefer the Head Extreme tennis racquet over the Ultra. It had better feel and control for me, while still providing excellent power.

Wilson Ultra 100 v3 tennis racquet on the court

When I did make good contact with volleys, I was able to hit with decent control and depth. However, if you play with advanced (USTA 4.5+) players who hit the ball harder, you might have trouble controlling your volleys.

After testing and reviewing the Wilson Ultra, I think it’s a great racquet for beginner to intermediate players who like to play from the baseline. The racquet can help singles players control the point with power, depth, and spin.

Wilson Ultra Video Review

In the video below, I review the 4 versions of the Wilson Ultra racquet.

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