by Will Boucek

August 27, 2021   

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RIA Eyewear makes sunglasses for court sports like tennis, pickleball, and more. Their high-end sunglasses have HD+ lenses, UV protection, and are very lightweight with an athletic, secure fit.

Below we’ll review RIA sunglasses, including how they perform on the tennis court, and the best alternative sunglasses for tennis players.

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Features & Benefits of RIA Sunglasses

RIA sunglasses have several features that make them uniquely designed for tennis.

RIA tennis sunglasses side view
  • HD+ lenses help you see the ball more clearly, which makes timing your strokes easier, leading to better contact with the tennis ball.
  • Anti-fog technology keeps the lenses clear, even in hot, humid environments.
  • These sunglasses offer 100% UV protection to keep your eyes safe from UV rays.
  • The lightweight frames, made in Italy, weigh less than 1 oz, but still offer a secure fit.
  • The lenses also offer enhanced contrast to separate the ball from the court or any background even more.

How RIA Sunglasses Help You Play Better Tennis

RIA Eyewear’s sunglasses are some of the best performance sunglasses for tennis players on the market.

Sunglasses on the tennis court need to block sunlight, especially on serves and overheads, fit securely, and improve your ability to see the tennis ball. RIA’s sunglasses check all the boxes.

RIA tennis sunglasses in hard carry case
RIA sunglasses come in a protective case

You’ll See the Tennis Ball More Clearly & Barely Notice the Comfortable Frames

These sunglasses’ HD+ lenses create a vivid contrast that helps you see the tennis ball more easily.

Their frames are some of the lightest on the market but still fit securely even when sweating. They’re so lightweight that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them while playing tennis.

The large nose piece has ridges that help keep them from slipping as well, even at full sprint.

The size of the nose pad may feel too big for people with smaller faces and may block your peripheral vision slightly. However, it won’t impact your play in tennis and can be considered a helpful “training aid” to make you keep your head forward towards the opponent and the ball (more on this below).

RIA tennis sunglasses in carry case
RIA sunglasses inside the protective carry case

The goggle-style design is not something you’ll wear to a nice dinner, but for playing tennis, these performance sunglasses are as high quality as it gets.

Pros & Cons of the RIA Sunglasses for Tennis Players

Review the pros and cons of these performance sunglasses from RIA Eyewear to decide if they’re right for you.

Pros and Cons

  • HD+ Lenses increase clarity
  • Added contrast to see the tennis ball more easily
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Anti-fog technology
  • Very lightweight, yet secure frame
  • Comfortable nose pad
  • Comes with a protective case & cleaning kit
  • Multiple lenses available
  • Athletic look may not be great for social tennis players
  • Nose pad may feel too big for smaller faces
  • Nose piece can block peripheral vision slightly

My Experience Playing with the RIA Sunglasses

The first time I used my RIA sunglasses, I played a singles match on a very hot day.

The first thing I noticed was how lightweight the sunglasses were. When I put them on, I barely noticed them, unlike many other sunglasses I’ve tested.

Wearing my RIA tennis sunglasses on the court

I was sweating a lot as I ran around the court, but I never had to adjust the sunglasses unless I took them off for a towel break. These sunglasses stayed secure on my head and nose.

My vision did feel enhanced, and I was seeing the ball well. The contrast between the ball and the court was better than other sunglasses I’ve tested. I actually served and hit the ball better than I had in a while. Of course, this was only one match so it’s hard to say the sunglasses were the difference but I definitely felt comfortable playing in them.

My only complaint was the nosepiece. It is large which helps them stay secure on your face. However, when I looked to my left, for example, my right eye was blocked a bit. This threw off my peripherals. That would cause issues in certain sports, but for tennis, it may actually help by forcing you to keep your head and eyes forward towards the ball. I don’t think it affected how I played at all and may have helped. It took a few minutes to get used to it though.

I wouldn’t wear these out for a social event, but they will stay in my tennis bag and I’ll be using them again for future matches.

The Best Alternatives to RIA Sunglasses

RIA sunglasses are some of the best tennis sunglasses that you can buy. However, some tennis players may want more affordable sunglasses or a different style.

Here are the best alternatives.

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