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August 29, 2021   

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Along the French Riviera bordering Monaco, the Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament takes place each year in April. The main court overlooks the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. An amazing place to visit, it’s been the site of this tennis event for 123 years.

As a male-only tournament, it’s part of the ATP World Tour Masters 1000. Let’s look into some of the details surrounding the Monte-Carlo Masters tournament. If you plan to attend this tennis tournament or want to watch it on television, this guide will help you.

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2021 Monte-Carlo Masters: COVID-19 Update

Last Updated: May 4, 2021

  • The dates for the 2021 Monte-Carlo Masters were April 10 – April 18.
  • As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, no spectators were allowed to attend the 2021 tournament.
  • See below for the 2021 Champions and prize money info.

About the Monte-Carlo Masters

Monte-Carlo Masters tennis logo

The Monte-Carlo Masters tournament is currently sponsored by Rolex, the luxury timepiece company. The tournament’s origins date back to 1897. 

Many of the best male players in the world come to compete at this tournament. In fact, many players practice in the area during the offseason. Novak Djokovic, Petra Kvitova, and many other top players claim residence in Monaco.

Where is the Tournament?

The Monte-Carlo Masters tournament takes place at the Monte-Carlo Country Club.

This is located in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France which is considered a commune in the French Republic, located right next to the country of Monaco. Many people mistakenly think that Monte-Carlo is part of Monaco.

When is the Monte-Carlo Masters?

The tournament takes place in April each year, before the Madrid Open, and several weeks after the Miami Open. It’s the first major tournament of the clay-court season which concludes with the French Open in late May.

For 2020, the Monte-Carlo tournament was canceled due to concerns from COVID-19. The dates for the 2021 Monte-Carlo Masters were April 10 – April 18.

Who are the Current Monte-Carlo Champions?

The current champion of the 2021 Monte-Carlo Masters for singles is Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece.

The current doubles champions for 2021 are Nikola Mektic and Mate Pavic of Croatia.

What Court Surface is the Monte-Carlo Masters Played On?

The surface of the court at the Monte-Carlo Country Club is an outdoor red clay court surface.

Monte-Carlo Prize Money & Ranking Points

The prize money for the 2021 Monte-Carlo Masters was €2 million (down from €5.2 million in 2019).

  • The men’s singles winner received €251,085 (down from €958,055 in 2019), while the runner-up got €150,000 in 2021 (down from €484,950 in 2019).
  • The men’s doubles winners received €50,000 (down from €284,860 in 2019), and the runner-ups got €35,000 in 2021 (down from €139,020 in 2019). 

The ranking points in 2021 for men’s singles and doubles were the following:

  • Champion: 1000 points
  • Finalist: 600 points
  • Semi-finalist: 360 points
  • Quarter-finalist: 180 points

How to Get Tickets to the Monte-Carlo Masters Tournament

The best way to get tickets to the Monte-Carlo Masters tournament is through their official website. They have an online booking system, but you can also email or call them as well. That contact information is also listed on the website.

Stubhub and Viagogo are two reseller websites that will offer tickets to the Monte-Carlo Masters.

About the Courts & Grounds at Monte-Carlo

The Main Center Court (Court Rainier) holds 10,000 fans with upper and lower level seating. The Court Des Princes is a smaller court where some of the main matches take place. You must buy tickets to each of those big courts specifically to see those matches.

There are 21 total courts at the venue and those 19 smaller courts are where many of the players will be practicing. If you have tickets to the event, you are welcome to walk around the grounds to check out these courts as well.

Where to Stay for the Monte-Carlo Masters

There are many hotel options within walking distance of the Roquebrune-Cap-Martin region of France for the Monte-Carlo Masters.

High-End Hotel Options

The Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel and the Brisas Hotel are both five-star properties that are within a mile of the event.

Budget-Friendly Options

The Hotel Regency and the Le Roquebrune are both moderately priced hotels within a five-minute walk of the Monte-Carlo Country Club.


Airbnb is also an option because many people rent out grand condos or rooms in their homes along the Mediterranean Sea that are right near the Monte-Carlo Masters.

Getting Around Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

The best way to get around the Roquebrune-Cap-Martin region of France, if your hotel isn’t within walking distance, is to schedule a taxi in advance. There isn’t an Uber or Lyft service available that is legal in this part of France.

There is a free shuttle bus that runs along Princess Grace Avenue during the tournament. Plus, if you have a ticket to the tennis matches, you can take any of the buses around the city to the event for free. All you have to do is show them your ticket when you board the bus.

How to Make Your Monte-Carlo Masters Experience Great

The grounds of the Monte-Carlo Country Club are gorgeous. It’s right by the Mediterranean Sea with expansive views all around. You can walk around to all the courts to see players gearing up to competing for the Masters 1000 trophy.

When to Arrive at the Tournament

You want to make sure you arrive at the tournament early. Your seats will be specific for each of the main stadiums, but you’ll need time to call a taxi to arrive on time. The matches begin at 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. depending on the day, so make sure to check the schedule before you go.

What to Bring with You

All of the courts are located outdoors, and the sun during the springtime in France, and along the sea, can be quite intense. Make sure you bring a hat, sunscreen, and dress for the warm weather. The average temperature in this part of France in April is in the mid-60’s (°F).

What to Expect Inside

Food and drink is readily available at the Monte-Carlo Country Club, with seven restaurants available on site. Keep in mind, it’s pretty expensive to eat there, but some of the smaller vendors around the venue are a little less pricey.

There are shops and boutiques located on the property, so there are plenty of options to purchase souvenirs while you are visiting.

How to Watch the Monte-Carlo Masters Tournament On TV

You can watch all the tennis action of the Monte-Carlo Masters on cable with the Tennis Channel. With a subscription to Tennis Channel Plus, you can stream the tournament and choose which match you want to watch.

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