by Will Boucek

July 24, 2021   

In this episode, I interview Jack Broudy from Broudy Tennis. Jack is a tennis player, coach, author, speaker, and inventor. He’s coached college national champions, top US juniors, and touring pro players including Sam Querrey, Steve Johnson, and Coco Vandeweghe when they were rising juniors.

Jack Broudy - Founder of the Non-Linear Tennis System

Jack has a unique (but incredibly effective) teaching methodology called the Non-Linear Tennis System. He teaches every stroke from this foundational principle so players can learn the serve, groundstrokes, and volleys faster and hit the ball effortlessly. Rather than the typical mechanical teaching style most coaches use, Jack believes the body should be fluid and move together for each shot.

We discuss how he got started in tennis, common doubles strategy mistakes he sees from club players, and technique. Jack shows us how to hit volleys with better depth and pace, as well as problems with the way many 3.0-3.5 level players hit groundstrokes and how to correct it.

Video of My Interview with Jack Broudy

The video for this episode is below. Jack uses his racquet to show us several technique tips on both volleys and groundstrokes.

Show Notes from this Podcast

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Jack Broudy tennis training tools

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