by Will Boucek

November 13, 2020   

This is the first episode in a four-part series on doubles strategy. If you’ve never thought about strategy before or are new to doubles, this series will get you started and help you turn into a smarter, more effective tennis player.

In this episode, I discuss the foundations and fundamentals that you need to know to become a good doubles player. I also teach you how to be mentally tougher on the doubles court, including how to deal with anger and how we should be viewing each point.

You’ll also learn what you should do between points to improve your in-match strategy. Then I briefly share the role or job of all four players on the doubles court.

Listen to all four episodes in this series on doubles strategy:

  1. Foundations of Double Strategy & The Mental Game (this episode)
  2. Serve Team Strategy for Doubles
  3. Winning Return Strategies for Doubles
  4. Net Play Strategy for Doubles

Show Notes from this Podcast

Here are some of the things I mention in this podcast episode on doubles strategy.

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Will Boucek

About the author

Will Boucek is the Founder & CEO of The Tennis Tribe. He has played and coached tennis for over two decades. Will is a strategy analyst for ATP & WTA tour players and coaches. He also tests the latest tennis racquets, shoes, & other gear from Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, and other tennis brands. He currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas where he plays USTA leagues & tournaments.

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