Volleying is possibly the most important shot in doubles. When you’re on the tennis court, you’ll spend half of your time at the net, so you’d better get comfortable. The problem is that most people volley the wrong way.

They get on their heels, they lunge at the ball instead of moving their feet, and they don’t move forward!

Here are several lessons on playing at the net that can work in singles or doubles. Volleying made simple.

Roger Federer hits a volley

The Volley Checklist

Follow this simple 3 step volley checklist every time you step out on the tennis court and start winning more points at the net. Confidence in your volleys will skyrocket and people will notice.

The Ulitmate Doubles Strategies

Having a good doubles strategy in tennis is crucial for winning matches. This complete doubles lesson covers overall doubles strategies, plus doubles positioning, and game plans for each position on the court.

After general doubles tactics we get into poaching tips for both beginners and advanced players. You’ll start attacking with confidence and ruin your opponent’s return game. The ability to poach the RIGHT way is crucial at the 3.5 to 5.0 levels.

The Serve And Volley

There’s a reason many professional tennis players come into the net. It works! Learn how to serve and volley to add an extra element to your doubles game.

See our serving lessons if you need help with your tennis serve.