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Welcome to Tribe Talk!

This is a new area of The Tennis Tribe where you’ll soon find tennis content that’s a little different than what you’re used to.

The Tennis Tribe was originally a doubles blog. Here’s what readers have said about our articles.

“require reading,” “fantastic,” “insightful & educational,”
“some of the best I’ve seen,” “they get me so excited to go out and play dubs!”

– Our Readers

Tribe Talk is taking our unique approach to content and expanding to every area of tennis. We’ll have topics like:

  • The Best Tennis Podcasts, Books, Courses, Blogs, & more
  • Interviews with tour coaches & players
  • General tour news, opinions, & perspectives

Our content will have original takes, it will be better organized, and offer fringe and sometimes counter-intuitive perspectives on tennis.

We know because that’s how The Tennis Tribe started. We’re sticking to our core values and approach that has gotten us to over 20,000 readers per month, and covering more of the sport we love 🎾❤️

Launch Week April 26 – May 1

This week, we are launching Tribe Talk. Every day, through May 1, we’ll be posting a new lesson here.

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