As one of the most important shots in tennis, it’s surprising to see so many people struggle to serve. Weak second serves and double faults can be the difference in close matches.

Most coaches make the serve complicated, confusing the player. We’re not professionals and don’t have time to change our feet, toss, knee bend, take back, and follow through. That’s why we’ve made our serving lessons simple. Check them out below and start focusing on only a few small things to transform you serve into a strength.

Andy Roddick serving at WimbledonServing Tips and Technique

Double faulting can be the most frustrating thing in tennis. Learn how to hit a consistent and effective serve that your opponent won’t be able to pick on. You’ll discover mistakes beginner make when serving and how to hit a kick serve.

How To Serve And Volley

In doubles, the serve and volley is a great weapon to add to your game. Even if you only do it a few times per match, the other team will feel more pressure on the return and you’ll get easy points if done right.

Serving in tennis, however, is only half the battle. Our lesson on returning is crucial to becoming an elite player.