Principles And Mindset

Without understanding the principles behind each doubles strategy and technique, you won’t be able to execute effectively. Understanding this and having the right mindset on the court is fundamental for taking your game to the next level. Read these tennis lessons in order to get the most out of the other lessons.Stan Wawrinka at the US Open

The Three Principles Of Good Tennis

These three tennis principles set the foundation for every lesson in the tennis tribe. Understanding them is the simplest way to decide if a strategy will be effective for your doubles team.

What Poker Teaches You About Tennis

Tennis, like poker, is really a game of odds. Start thinking about tennis this way, and you’ll be able to consistently improve every single time you step out onto the court.

The Biggest Mistake USTA Doubles Players Make

Over 92% of players do this. Discover and fix this simple mistake, fix it, and you’ll immediately start winning more doubles matches.

After reading these posts on the foundational elements to good doubles, check out some of our strategic lessons on volleys.