Tennis Lessons, Tips, And Strategy

How To Use Tennis Tribe Lessons

To get the most out of the lessons, start below with principles of strong doubles, and mindset for winning strategies.

After reading those lessons, feel free to skip around to the area that is most helpful. If you need to work on your volleys, for example, read the principle and mindset lessons first, then skip to the lessons on volleys and poaching.

At the bottom are actual gameplans you can start using in your next doubles match. Share them with your partner so you’re both on the same page, and start winning more points, games, and matches.

Start Here: Principles and Mindset

The underlying principles behind each lesson must be understood for the best results. If you don’t know WHY you should hit every backhand crosscourt, then you won’t believe in the strategy. So first read the fundamental tennis principles or the WHY behind every lesson I write. Then you’ll have the mindset to start implementing the techniques below with maximal effectiveness.

Strategies and Tactics

Volleying (for doubles)

Volleying is the most important skill to develop to improve your doubles game. Yet, most players continue to struggle. Read these simple lessons to understand why you miss volleys, and how to start feeling comfortable and confident at the net.

Returning in Tennis

Consistently making returns is key to staying in, and winning matches against the best teams in your league. In my return lesson, you’ll discover how easy returning can be if you focus on just a few simple fundamentals.

The Tennis Serve

If serving isn’t your strength, these lessons are for you. You’ll increase your consistency so you stop double faulting, and get more control so you can serve out wide, up the middle, or into the body. It’s much easier than you think.

Baseline Groundstrokes

If you’re like me (I play mostly doubles), then you probably don’t hit a ton of groundstrokes, but you do need to be able to strategically get into the net with your groundstrokes. These lessons will show you how to win points from the baseline, and set your partner up at the net for doubles matches. Singles players will learn how to hit with more spin and accuracy too.

Game Plans

You should go into every match with a clear game plan. It can be as simple as hitting every shot to the weaker player, or as complex as having 4 different strategies for each position on the court. Of course, this will adjust as the match progresses, but a clear match blueprint with your partner is crucial to winning. If you’ve never thought about clarifying your plan or aren’t sure where to start, follow these match game plans & strategies.