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Welcome to The Tennis Tribe!

Our content and video tennis lessons are here to make you better at tennis without having to put in dozens of hours of court time. Our lessons are more effective because we use strategy and take advantage of our opponents’ natural tendencies, to outsmart and outplay them. This results in winning more tennis matches, and beating teams who may work harder or be more talented than you.

How To Use Tennis Tribe Lessons

To get the most out of the lessons, start below with principles of strong tennis, and mindset for winning tennis strategies.

After reading those lessons, feel free to skip around to the area that is most helpful. If you need to work on your volleys, for example, read the principle and mindset lessons first, then skip to the lessons on volleys and poaching.

At the bottom are actual gameplans you can start using in your next doubles match. Share them with your partner so you’re both on the same page, and start winning more points, games, and matches.

Start Here: Principles and Mindset of Tennis

Stan Wawrinka at the US OpenAfter you understand the rules of tennis, the underlying principles behind each lesson must be understood before you can start executing a tennis strategy or game plan effectively. If you don’t know WHY you should hit every backhand crosscourt, then you won’t believe in the strategy. So first, you must learn fundamental tennis principles or the WHY behind every lesson I write. Then you’ll have the mindset to start implementing the techniques below with maximal effectiveness.

The Three Principles Of Good Tennis

These three tennis principles set the foundation for every lesson in the tennis tribe. Understanding them is the simplest way to decide if a strategy will be effective for your doubles team. After reading this lesson, feel free to skip around. But if you want to truly engrain the right mindset into your game, read these next two lessons as well.

3-Step Mental Toughness Checklist

If you’ve ever double faulted under pressure, this is for you. Stay focused during the big points of your matches by following these 3 simple steps. Read Tennis’ Ultimate Mental Toughness Checklist here.

What Poker Teaches You About Tennis

Tennis, like poker, is really a game of odds. Start thinking about tennis this way, and you’ll be able to consistently improve every single time you step out onto the court.

The Biggest Mistake USTA Doubles Players Make

I feel like 99% of USTA players make this mistake – even I do it often. Discover and fix this simple mistake, fix it, and you’ll immediately start winning more doubles matches.

5 Ways To Be A Better Doubles Partner

It’s one thing to play good tennis yourself, but how do you help your doubles partner play to their full potential? Follow these 5 steps to learn how to be a good doubles partner.

Get Better at Tennis

Most people play a lot of tennis, but few actually improve their game on a monthly or yearly basis. Here’s how you should think about getting better at tennis.

Improve Your Mental Toughness (Under Pressure)

Do you struggle to play well in pressure situations? Most advice on dealing with pressure is all the same, and it doesn’t work. Learn a new way to deal with pressure and improve your mental toughness.

Tennis Strategies and Tactics

Now that you’ve got a good understanding of the principles of quality tennis, you can start to develop strategies and tactics. These will help you win individual points, and be more effective with each groundstroke, volley, or serve.

The Ultimate Guide to Doubles Strategy

Having a good doubles strategy in tennis is crucial for winning matches. By the end of this lesson, you will be a smarter doubles player. This complete doubles lesson covers 6 basic doubles strategies, plus doubles positioning & different formations you can use with your doubles partner. After that, you’ll learn strategies for serving, returning, and playing at the net in doubles.

Volleys Finally Made Simple: 3 Step Checklist

Roger Federer hits a volleyVolleying is possibly the most important skill to develop to improve your doubles game. When you’re on the tennis court in doubles, you’ll spend half of your time at the net, so you need to feel comfortable. Yet, most players continue to struggle. The problem is that most people volley the wrong way because most coaches make volleys too confusing and complicated.

This is truly the easiest way to make more volleys. Follow this simple 3 step volley checklist every time you step out on the tennis court and start winning more points at the net. Confidence in your volleys will skyrocket, you will get more aggressive, and people will notice.

The Complete Guide to Serve Strategy in Doubles

When serving in doubles, your partner at the net is the most important player on the court. So how do we take advantage of that?

Find out in this doubles strategy guide for the serving team. You’ll learn exactly how to hold serve more often by working together as a team!

7 Times To Poach in Doubles

Learn the best times to poach for beginners & advanced players. Beginners will learn how to poach with more confidence, while advanced players will learn how to create controlled chaos at the net and force errors from their opponents.

When To Move Into The Net

Getting to the net more, and playing better from the net, is likely the next step for you move up a level in your doubles game. Read this lesson on moving in with confidence and get to the net more often to win more matches.

The Tennis Serve: Tips & Technique for Any Level

If serving isn’t your strength, this serve lesson is for you. As one of the most important shots in tennis, it’s surprising to see so many people struggle to serve. Weak second serves and double faults can be the difference in close matches.

Most coaches make the serve complicated, confusing the player. We’re not professionals and don’t have time to practice changing our feet, toss, knee bend, take back, and follow through. That’s why we’ve made our serving lessons simple. After reading, you’ll learn to focus on only a few small things to transform you serve into a strength. You’ll increase your consistency so you stop double faulting, and get more control so you can serve out wide, up the middle, or into the body. It’s much easier than you think.

Tennis Forehand Grip, Technique & Tips

For most players, their forehand is their strength. However, most players don’t spend enough time perfecting their forehand. You’ve probably heard the phrase “double down on your strengths.” That’s what we’ll do in this lesson.

If you’re a beginner, first make sure you’re using the correct forehand grip for your natural swing style.

Then, learn forehand tips for beginners or advanced players so you can get more accuracy, topspin, and power on your forehand groundstroke.

How To Serve and Volley

There’s a reason many professional tennis players come into the net. It works! Unfortunately, most players don’t have the confidence to serve and volley. This lesson teaches you how to serve and volley to add an extra element to your doubles game. You’ll learn how to hit the half volley, and finish the point. Even if you only do it a few times per match, the other team will feel more pressure on the return and you’ll get easy points.

The Perfect Return of Serve

Consistently making returns is key to staying in, and winning matches against the best players and doubles teams in your league. In my return lesson, you’ll discover how easy returning can be if you focus on just a few simple fundamentals.

Other Doubles Game Plans

Below are other tennis game plans I’ve found to work well in doubles. You should go into every match with a clear game plan. It can be as simple as hitting every shot to the weaker player, or as complex as having 4 different strategies for each position on the court. Of course, this will adjust as the match progresses, but a clear match blueprint with your partner is crucial to winning. If you’ve never thought about clarifying your plan or aren’t sure where to start, follow these match game plans & strategies.

The Ten Point Tiebreaker Game Plan

Learn how to win ten point tiebreakers. These are crucial for USTA league and tournament tennis. This is the exact strategy I used to win over 80% of my own 10 point breakers in 4.5 tennis matches last year.

How To Beat Teams More Talented Than You

Most teams get this completely wrong. There’s a simple strategy to start beating more doubles teams who are currently better than you, and it’s not what you think. Focus on these few tactics to start leveling up your game tomorrow.